The Cats

All the resident cats

Tiny Bear – Chinchilla Silver female Persian. Born 9/04 – now a retired lady of leisure after giving birth to 8 litters.

Simba Kahn – Shaded Golden male Persian, born 3/06 – Mythicbells only resident breeding male.

Gypsy Rose – Female Tabby Persian. She’s the fluffiest one. BIG HAIR!! She is Tiny Bear’s daughter from the very first Mythicbells litter. Born 10/05 on Halloween. She was also “Super Nanny” up through the “F” litter, then she announced her retirement and stopped taking an interest in the kittens.

Nugget – Shaded Golden female Persian, my pirate kitty. She has one eye as she lost the other to a bad infection caused by a congenital eye condition known as Persisten Pupillary Membranes.  You can read her story HERE. Born 8/04.

Sahara – Chinchilla Golden female Persian. As of summer 2012 she’s given birth to 5 litters.  Sahara was born 9/07.

Sirocco – Shaded Golden female Persian, born 9/08.  She was the mother of the “H” litter, then spayed due to birth complications.

Kalahari Falcon Khamsin – Chinchilla silver male Persian, born 6/09 – he is Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn’s son.  We’d hoped he would by the sire of future silvers and goldens with Sahara, but unfortunately his testes failed to descend so he was neutered.

Sequoia – Patched Tabby and White female Persian, born 10/09 – Sequoia gave birth to the “J” litter.  Just one kitten — Jitterbug — then was spayed due to birth complications.

To read about how/if the cats are related, click HERE


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