Kitty Cam

The Mythicbells Nursery is on live streaming web cam most of the time.  The kittens are a lot of fun to watch as they mature, open their eyes, squirm, toddle, and eventually run so fast that the Cam cannot keep up with them.  I LOVE sharing all of this incredible cuteness with those people who are interested. I do this through Camstreams ( — a fabulous free service.  And unparalleled in it’s good, clean fun.  This is the place to come and not have to wade through “adult content.”  Kitty Cam is moderated as best I can manage myself and with the help of several good friends.  Anyone in the chat room in RED, is a moderator and will have full Administrative privileges, and we do not put up with jerks.  I apologize in advance should any of you see one of these people go through the chat room.  We ban as many as we can catch and for the most part it has become a very sweet visiting place for people who enjoy the social atmosphere of a chatroom while watching cute cats and/or kittens.  For those who want the “chatroom experience” use the Kitty Cam link in the links listing to the right.  For those who just want to watch, you can do so from an embedded stream on my website or … or you can sit anonymously in the chatroom. There’s no obligation to visit or participate. If you have problems getting the live stream (i.e. just a black screen) it could be technical issues on my end, or on Camstsreams, it could be a missing plugin for your browser, or I might just have the camera turned off. Camstreams has a support area that discusses what you need in order to see the live cams, so check that, otherwise, just come back and tray again another time.


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