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Mythicbells Sunroom progress report

Moving right along.  As construction projects go, this one is going well.  The concrete slab has been poured and you can now picture how big (or small) the room will be.  Remember to subtract four inches for the wall thickness and on the side furthest from the living room there will be an additional 16″ taken off with the bay window going almost to the edge of the slab.  It’s going to be tiny, but cute.  Good thing I go for tiny, cute things — prefurrably with furr.

Most of the construction junk is gone as of yesterday.  Today they will pick up their horrid wheel barrows.  Honestly I don’t see how they managed at all considering the condition of those things.  Monday the sunroom people come and do … whatever they do.

The concrete is ready to pour and the kitties and I are going stir crazy inside.

The concrete is ready to pour and the kitties and I are going stir crazy inside.

Finished concrete slab

Finished concrete slab

Sahara of Mythicbells

Hi everyone.  I know the blog has been languishing.  I’m hoping to get a nice newsy post up at some point soon.  In the mean time I caught these photos of Sahara this morning while she was hoping for treats and thought I’d show her off a bit before I end up hacking her coat up too much.  So far so good with her, but this is a rough time of year to keep the fur-kids in their fur coats.  It turns out that as a lady of leisure Sahara has quite a fabulous coat.

13 02 11 Sahara01 13 02 11 Sahara02 13 02 11 Sahara06

Kitty Hi-Rise Retrofit

I thought I’d show you the latest “project.”  I actually started work on this while the kittens were still here.  I installed the hi-rise climber to the cathedral windows when I brought Tiny Bear and Nugget home as kittens in the fall of 2004.  I’ve been eying those baskets for quite some time.  They’ve been in the process of breaking down with the wear and tear, plus keeping them clean has been an issue.  I had to replace the bottom (4th) basket a couple of years ago when Sinba Kahn landed in it and sheared off the cantilevered support.  I replaced it with a solid shelf and whaddaya know, kitties don’t need cushy stuff to lay on.  They love the shelf.  Another problem with the baskets has been they weren’t quite long enough, and though the kitties all did fine stepping down through them, I could see that it might be easier if they didn’t have to drop over an edge into the next level and if they also had a few more inches to play with on the length.  The sisal has all been replaced once since it was first constructed–a long laborious process.  I’m hoping it will hold up for a while longer.  Unfortunately it’s apparent that the old cat tree in the foreground needs replacing.  I bought it in 1992 when I got my first two Persians (where does the time go??).  The base and lower section of sisal has been replaced 3 times.  I’ve been shopping for one I like, but also thinking of making my own for my winter project.

Hi Rise before:

Hi Rise after:

Two more, one with kitties in view.  I’ve lured Kalahari up and back down to test it, otherwise every one will likely ignore it for a few weeks just to keep me in my place as appropriate kitty staff.

K Litter update and photos …

I’m definitely flailing helplessly behind on THIS litter’s adventures, photos, news, etc.  A lot has happened since the last post.  As you probably know by now, we had a kitten mishap here last Monday with Kabuki-san.  She injured her right rear leg.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I was near-by and heard the cry so know approximately where.  The kittens were playing  at their usual break neck speed in the enclosure just behind where I was multi-tasking (talking on the phone, scooping an outside litter box, and dealing with the other cats).  I heard a kitten cry and dropped everything.  Little Kabuki-san was holding her leg up but otherwise seemed fine.  Still, it was obviously more serious than just a mild injury, so I rushed her to the vet where they squeezed her in as an emergency.  This took all day.  I left her there to have xrays done when they could get to her and finally got the news late afternoon that she had not broken or fractured anything.  What a relief!!  It’s a significant sprain and she’s still limping on it five days later and may do so for a while yet, but is doing great.

I managed to get Kemo Sabe launched yesterday before she went and did something stupid.  (or me for allowing it to happen!)  Her new mom flew down from Oregon to pick her up.  What a wonderful lady!  We had a great visit and Kimo Sabe (now Anderson) is destroying someone else’s house.  Initial reports are excellent.  She should have the place demolished in record time.

Next to leave will be Kabuki-san, then Kumquat, then last will be Kettle on September 1rst.

I just managed a camera download.  A mish mash of whatever was there and not too blurry.  Here they are:

Seven week old photos of the K Litter

The kittens got bathed yesterday and hopefully were still moderately clean for their photo shoot today. I started with them half asleep which works well, except by the time I get to the last one they were getting pretty rambunctious, with all of them trying to get into the photo shoot chair at the same time. I managed a couple with all four — faces in view.  What are the odds of that?? 😀

K Litter Photos hot off the press

I managed a little photo shoot representing all of the kittens this morning.  They are now just short of 3 weeks old.  All are active, alert and looking good, however I continue to be a little concerned over Kemo Sabe.  She remains the smallest and her weight has plateaued for a couple of days.  I’m hoping this is just one of the normal ups and downs the kittens go through.  Normally I wouldn’t worry too much if she were one of the fat ones.  Still, she’s looking great, apparently nursing well, and hasn’t lost weight.  You’ll see from her photos that she is definitely going to have ‘Sirocco eyes’ ….

Here they are.  Click on a thumbnail to open up the larger photos.

New kitten arrival estimate + lots of photos

Hi Everyone.  Again way past due for a post.  All is going well with the ‘K Litter’ project.  I’m expecting birth on Memorial day weekend, give or take a day or so.  I moved Sahara’s ‘nest’ into the nursery yesterday so that it can be properly inspected by everyone and take on familiar house odors.

Not much new as far as kitty news, except that I decided to clean out the kitty door tunnel that goes through the wall to the outside the other day and give it a new paint job, only to discover that much of the wood has rotted and the flap was dragging and badly worn.  I do not understand how it could have gotten so worn since the kitties have me WELL trained in opening the patio door for them, but there you have it.  I installed that door when Tiny Bear and Nugget were kittens almost 8 years ago.  I think it should have lasted longer than that!  Granted I did make the tunnel and framing myself and didn’t use the best wood.  In any case, the long and short of it is that they have a NEW door on order that comes with a nice metal tunnel and better quality replaceable flaps and magnets.  I’m currently retraining myself NOT to jump every time I see a cat at the patio door.  I only had to stop myself a half dozen times last night.  There’s definitely room for improvement.

One other thing – I recently purchased a new camera.  It’s basically the same as the old one but it will make HD videos and bigger photos.  I’ve been learning to use it, so I have quite a few photos to post.