About this BLOG

Welcome to Mythicbells Persians, Behind the Scenes.  If you are squeamish about the realities of cat breeding, cat care, vomit, diarrhea, stud cat issues — you’d best move on.   This is where you will get the poop (scoop?) as I see it and experience it — the joys, the heartbreaks, the frustrations, the fears, and the laughter.  I’m not a person of strong convictions about much of anything — except when it comes to cats — and ESPECIALLY when it comes to MY cats and the kittens that I send out in the world to enrich human lives.  In fact I can be positively obnoxious about giving advice and telling you how things SHOULD be done.  I DO try not to nag and probably fail miserably.  My kitten buyers put up with some and ignore the rest, bless their hearts!