Mythicbells Sunroom progress report

Moving right along.  As construction projects go, this one is going well.  The concrete slab has been poured and you can now picture how big (or small) the room will be.  Remember to subtract four inches for the wall thickness and on the side furthest from the living room there will be an additional 16″ taken off with the bay window going almost to the edge of the slab.  It’s going to be tiny, but cute.  Good thing I go for tiny, cute things — prefurrably with furr.

Most of the construction junk is gone as of yesterday.  Today they will pick up their horrid wheel barrows.  Honestly I don’t see how they managed at all considering the condition of those things.  Monday the sunroom people come and do … whatever they do.

The concrete is ready to pour and the kitties and I are going stir crazy inside.

The concrete is ready to pour and the kitties and I are going stir crazy inside.

Finished concrete slab

Finished concrete slab


11 responses to “Mythicbells Sunroom progress report

  1. Wow !!! Molly it is looking good, we have a similar size out building and it really is amazing how different everything inside and also looking in makes. It is small – I m sure you will enjoy and make the most of it…:)

  2. It’s going to be beautiful, Molly.

    We have a screen room on the front of our house and our kittles love it. Those who have figured out the cat door go out even in winter to roll in the snow that blows in through the screening and to get a different view of the world. They all love it in summer when the patio door is open. Yours are going to love their new space, too.

  3. Roberta Irene Johnston

    Very exciting to have watched the progress thus far. Thanks.

  4. It’s going to be great.

  5. Thanks for the pictures and progress report.
    I’m sure you can blame any impurrrfections on GR, seeing as she supervised the construction so closely! Bobin

  6. Beautiful !!!

  7. It’s going to be a lovely sun room which will get the inspection of all inspections when finished. 😀

  8. It is going to be purrfect for you and the kitties. Mine always liked to go out to ours in the back and watch the birds.

  9. That’s a great space that you are making. I just had to gut my entire sun room because of a massive leak in the skylights that occured over the winter. The kitties love sunrooms, that’s for sure

    • OMG! I was going to put in sky lights, then decided the room was perfect without them and also by then I was totally sick of the whole construction thing, so I guess I accidentally did something right? 😀 Sorry about your sunroom. Yes, the kitties love it and so do I 😀

      Molly Barr Mythicbells Persians

  10. Yes, you probably did the right thing. 🙂 All the roofers I talked to said that most leaking does start at the skylights. What was bad about this is that I had just got a new roof put on about 10 years ago. When we took down the ceiling, the space between was filled with mold. It must have been leaking for years. So we had to replace everything. Live and learn.

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