The Mythicbells Persian Sunroom project in progress

Bobin has put me to shame with his great blog posts….that, and I have nothing to do but wait for the ‘worker bees’ to show up and clean all that rubble out of my back yard. They are supposed to put the re-bar down today as well. It’s past noon. Finally some action. Two guys showed up with a plastic tarp and I foolishly thought, “great, now some action.” The tarp was thrown on top of the heap and the two guys left. That was an hour ago.

In any case, I’ve been meaning to get around to blogging about this project. It was conceived late last year when I was offered a breeding queen. “But I’m retired,” I said. In my usual roundabout manner of reasoning, I started thinking of all the reasons it was the stupidest idea in the known universe. Thus, I compiled a neat little list of what I might need to make it possible–AND make it possible without re-homing my current kitties. Bear in mind it’s still the stupidest idea in the known universe, but that’s never stopped me before. I need a male cat, of course, and since the breeder of the queen is going to mate her one more time, why not go for a mother-daughter team along with a male kitten. At some point, I plan to blog about the new cats–IF it comes to pass–with photos and genetics lesson adnauseum, but I don’t want to do that until I have more positive news on that front. However, in summary, my objective is to maintain the same genre (silver and golden CFA registered pedigree Persians) and the same “look” (unbelievably cute) that Mythicbells kitties are known for.

Stupider and Stupider!

Said queen is not yet pregnant, and no other kittens are yet on the way, but while I wait, the gears are turning. I need at least one more room to make this less stressful on my current kitties and more feasible for me. I decided on a sunroom that opens off of the living room (the only available space for expansion). By the time the city and the Home Owners’ Association get done with my idea, I’m whittled down to an 8’x12′ room with a pop-out bay window. It will be fully insulated with double-pane tempered glass windows, a heated tile floor, and it will be nicely finished inside.  It’s one of those pre-fabricated dealy-bobs, officially called a “four seasons sunroom.”

The first week in January, I jumped right on the project and called a contractor I’ve worked with before. It’s now nearly the end of March, but we have the permits from the city and the approval from the Home Owners’ Association and we ‘broke ground’ this week. NOW I’m committed because there’s a huge hole in my back yard. Theoretically, if the worker bees do their work this weekend, we will be ready to pour the concrete slab this coming Monday which will be the foundation for the room. Once that’s done, the sunroom company will come out and take their measurements,  then I believe it takes a couple of weeks for them to fabricate the walls and ceiling at their manufacturing facility. It should go up fairly quickly, after which it will be wired for electricity, ceiling fan and other fixtures installed (including a cat door), tile floor laid, and the exterior part of the current house which is now the interior of the sunroom will be sheet rocked and painted.



Photos I took today along with two rough renderings of what the room might look like when finished.  The poor kitties are locked inside on a beautiful spring day on the off chance the worker bees will show up:

Sahara looks wistfully out

Sahara looks wistfully out

Sequoia and Simba Kahn at the top of the stairs

Sequoia and Simba Kahn at the top of the stairs

Looking out from the living room at "the hole" they finished yesterday.

Looking out from the living room at “the hole” they finished yesterday.

"The Hole" and rubble from outside

“The Hole” and rubble from outside

Better view of the the rubble heap

Better view of the the rubble heap

Gravel they dumped in my driveway last night

Gravel they dumped in my driveway last night

Rough sketch looking into the room from the sliding doors that exit into the enclosure

Rough sketch looking into the room from the sliding doors that exit into the enclosure. The sliding glass doors on the right go into the living room and will remain as is so the room can be closed off as necessary.

Rough sketch looking into the sunroom through the livingroom patio door

Rough sketch looking into the sunroom through the livingroom patio door


17 responses to “The Mythicbells Persian Sunroom project in progress

  1. I need to keep up!

    You and the kitties are going to love this new space!

  2. I barely blogging one a month at the moment whilst you post a video a day on FB and do so much else besides…

    New Catxension looks brilliant. I hope it will be fitted with a minimum of 4 webcams for 24/7 coverage of the room itself and perhaps another two or three swivelable ones facing the patio. You KNOW its so much cheaper to install them and their wiring whilst you are building it? ROFL. Bobin

  3. Oh Molly, We just KNEW you couldn’t say no to more kittens. Congratulations.Great idea to build outwards. Bobin is right, lots of cameras while the wiring is gong in. Ohhhh, I’m so excited. I know it’s lots of work & worry, but you seem to thrive on it. Ohhhhhhh KITTENS !!!!

  4. so…are you going to be the owner/mommy of 11 cats?! and what if all the said 11 find your bed confortable in the morning?You might have to extract youself from a bunch of purring kitties piled on you to show affection. :O
    Oh, wait, now I realize why the sunroom has to be completed. 🙂

  5. Oh Molly! It’s going to be wonderful; however, don’t be surprised when all of your furkids plus you spend all your time on the heated floor :-)!

    Every time I think you outdid yourself… go and outdo yourself :-)! Wow!!

  6. Wonderful!!!!!!!!

  7. I just love the idea of more kitties. I bet all of your guys are upset by the construction. My kitties freak out if I change a light bulb. Keep us updated and good luck.


  8. Thanks for the update and the sketches. It’s going to look great and I’m sure, will be well worth all the upheaval to you and the kitties.
    Your worker bees seem to progress in a very similar way to ours in the UK, who will come to a positive standstill if not supplied at regular intervals with a nice strong ‘ cuppa.’

  9. You!ve made my day Molly!! I was hoping you’d see the error of your ways and repent from the kittenless lifestyle you have chosen. LOL. It will be worth it when all the dust has settled. Sounds like a beautiful addition and great plans all around.

  10. Thanks Molly, for the update. The sunroom will look awesome! Can’t wait to see how you will decorate it. Maybe with kittens?

  11. ‘Great project Molly’ I am sure it will look great when finished 🙂

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  14. How many yards of gravel was that, dumped on your driveway?

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