Sahara of Mythicbells

Hi everyone.  I know the blog has been languishing.  I’m hoping to get a nice newsy post up at some point soon.  In the mean time I caught these photos of Sahara this morning while she was hoping for treats and thought I’d show her off a bit before I end up hacking her coat up too much.  So far so good with her, but this is a rough time of year to keep the fur-kids in their fur coats.  It turns out that as a lady of leisure Sahara has quite a fabulous coat.

13 02 11 Sahara01 13 02 11 Sahara02 13 02 11 Sahara06


17 responses to “Sahara of Mythicbells

  1. How do u keep their eyes so clean. I’m constantly wiping my Persian. Down. He is an orange bicolor with white and cream. Gold eyes

    Emily C***

  2. she’s so beautiful

  3. Sahara is just wonderful! The real cat at his best!

  4. Oh my, she is looking beautiful.

  5. Getting to just be a kitty and not a busy mom seems to suit her. All her kids take after her in some way.

  6. Gorgeous!

  7. Hi Molly!!

    Sent from my iPad

  8. I love how every cat has a different face and personality, and Sahara ..steals my heart ❤

  9. Love her profile, she is beautiful ❤

  10. Hi Molly, you know that every day starts with you and your cats. I want to share my admiration for your love and care for these beautiful cats. Gypsy Rose is very pretty with a red jacket and cropped like a proud lion All are very beautiful and we love them! I am happy that you have! I wish all of you health! Kissing!

  11. Your kitties are so beautiful. They are just so huggable.

  12. I’ve read you are not breeding for the next year or so. Is there a waiting list for future kittens? Your cats are beautiful but much more important is the way you care for them. They are obviously deeply loved. I’m in no hurry but know you must have everyone clamoring for future babies so thought I’d ask about a list. My thanks for sharing so much regarding this wonderful breed. You are the type of breeder every breeder should aspire to be. MEL

  13. Hi Molly,
    Sahara looks a picture of health and beauty, she is a lovely kitty, clever with it and talkative, plus a leg rubber, she is the Queen of beautiful Persian Cats and it is good to see such a nice cat. All down to your excellent looking after, not only Sahara, but the rest of the gang, as I have said before, they are a credit to you, as in your words, you have done a good job.
    Kind Regards

    Barbara Shapland

  14. Hi Molly,
    I think the sunroom is awesome, light and airy and I think the kitties are interested by it, especially the ones on duty, Gypsy Rose and Sahara who are doing a wonderful job, in keeping their eyes peeled.
    Sahara is a beauty and so is Gypsy Rose, both fluffy beauties.


    Barbara Shapland
    *At least the squirrel went packing, or went nuts, no pun intended*

  15. Hi Molly,
    That squirrel seems to be quite a nuisance annoying the pussies, but they are all used to it, unless the squirrel does not use too many naughty words to them, else they will be up that tree, sorting him out.
    Love to the kitties.


    Barbara Shapland

    Love to the furry beauties.



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