Tiny Bear this morning

I fear the BLOG has been lying dormant.  I have been busy with … life.  Mostly tending The Pride.  I usually attempt to create an e-Christmas card, but haven’t gotten around to it and here it is almost Christmas!!

I hope everyone ‘out there’ is well.  All is well here with me and the kitties.  Tiny Bear caught some kind of a bug (or something) a week or so ago.  These things happen and I generally wait it out unless it gets scary.  This seems to be a popular month for ‘The Bug” which probably isn’t a bug at all but perhaps is related to excessive fur.  One or two of the kitties do have issues around December, but it hits Tiny Bear the worst.  She stopped eating for three days, was vomiting and had diarrhea.  All of which prompted butt trims all around just in case.  But she pulled out of it and no one else got sick.  I happened to get these two photos of Tiny Bear this morning which show her looking very fine indeed, so I thought I’d share them.

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you …

Tiny Bear

Tiny Bear


22 responses to “Tiny Bear this morning

  1. Quentin was throwing up too! Hmmm, must be a bug going around. I am taking off my shoes at the door in case so I don’t bring it into their space.



    • Interesting, Lori … Yes, I’ve been finding more vomit than usual the last few days … . Gypsy Rose will also have a bad day or so around this time of year. I doubt if you are bringing anything in … in some ways they are like children. They do have little illnesses. I don’t worry (well not too much) until they go into the “meatloaf” — hunched and miserable… or if it goes on too long (more than a few days) … in which case it’s off to the vet.

  2. So pleased TB is doing better now, worrying i expect, I am sure in a few days all will be good ❤

  3. Glad to T.B. is feeling better. she looks marvelous

  4. Tiny Bear is so beautiful and I am happy to know she’s better now. All my warmest wishes to you and to your wonderful bunch of kitties!

  5. Wu, Alvy & granma

    Aww mama weeeez sure glad you are feeling betterrr, Wu is speaking, me and Avly had a bug just like you last week, and our grandma gave us some probiotics weeeez are way betterrr. . . Weeeez Wish You, All our Molly family & Furones A Very “Merry Christmas with all the Blessings to go with it. ❤ ❤ and hugs, Wuuu & Avly

  6. I’m so glad Tiny Bear is better! With their IBD and long fur, Phoebe and Zoey go through periods where they vomit more frequently and have huge hairballs. Luckily, diarrhea is very rare with them. Oddly enough, they have been doing really well lately. I’m not going to question it!

    Molly…Phoebe, Zoey, and I hope you, Nugget, Tiny Bear, Gypsy Rose, Simba Kahn, Sahara, Sirocco, Kalahari, and Sequoia have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😀

  7. What a beauty Tiny Bear is. So pleased she’s feeling better. Lovely to see you all from time to time, you must be taking great pleasure from your ‘Pride’ . It must be great to just observe and live with them at last without any pressure of ‘what next’. I particularly loved the kitties’ reaction to the squirrel. I think one of the pleasures of cats is watching them in the garden – they’re our babies and so affectionate and home-loving and yet we get the privilege of seeing them ‘in the wild’ – their natural behaviour. Sadly our darling Tess who we’d had for 11 years since she was the tiniest most adorable kitten died a few weeks ago. Terrible, terrible anguish for us, as I’m sure you know only too well Molly. We and our 2 remaining cats, Jenkins and Tina are recovering – and it’s very interesting to see the change in those two. The dynamics are so different. What a wonder cats are!
    Very very best wishes to you dear Molly. Have a great Christmas and a peaceful and joyous 2013.
    Love Wendy (UK)

  8. I wonder if they do some thing this time of year to the water. I know ours gets flused out with chlorine every so often and you can smell it. Since it is always this time of year, maybe it is the water. Just a thought.

  9. Thanks for the update, Molly. Glad TB is feeling better, and the rest of the brood / pride / mob are ok (touch wood). Enjoying the stream of your videos and news from the almuni on FB… Bobin

  10. happy hols to you too, molly -and i’m glad to hear tb and the crew are ok. x

  11. I’m glad Tyny Bear is feeling well again. She looks so cute with her paws stretched like that in the second pic!

  12. Glad to hear Tiny Bear is doing okay. She has little “fur horns” like Brulee.

  13. Awww, poor Tiny Bear, but so pleased she is now feeling better. It sounds as if your kitties across the pond are suffering the equivalent of the human winter vomiting bug that is hitting us hard in the UK at the moment.
    Just wanted to say thank you once again Molly for allowing us into the lives of the Mythicbells Persians. Your videos are the best, always so entertaining. Wishing you and the ‘furry gang’ a very happy Christmas and all the very best for 2013 and to all the Mythicbells followers, best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you, and your families.

  14. Wishing you a very happy Christmas

  15. Cheyenne Indienne

    Dear Molly!
    Very happy that health is best for your tiny bear so adorable. I wanted to thank you all so beautiful and captivating videos that you have shared with us. Allow us to come and live with you and your wonderful band of all Persian moments of your life is a priceless gift! And this last birth…. in live kittycam , the weighing in live every day for 3 months … some of which I missed! LOL…. chat with friends and you on kittycam …. not to forget the daily videos! New moms of litter K…. so amusing, intelligent and sassy! (romping in the Jungle! ….) Concerns paw Kemo Sabe also!
    What a Happy and purring gift you gave us!
    This year has gone too fast and so pleasantly punctuated by so many of our appointment! Thank you again dear Molly, thank you Mythicbells cats and kittens!
    Molly, I wish you a very enjoyable holiday season with your cats are your greatest gift. Merry Christmas and a Happy and joyful New year 2013. I shall see your charming and interesting videos. You know that in France you have 3 fans ….. me and my two Persian cats “Diamant” and “Etorre”.
    Caresses and hugs from me to all “gang Mythicbells.”
    Yours sincerely Dear Molly with all my feline friendship!
    Cheyenne Indienne

  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Molly, Kalahari, Nugget, Tiny Bear, Sequioa, Sirocco, Sahara, Simba Kahn and Gypsy Rose from Sweden!

  17. Dear Molly, and all beautiful kitties Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Now The kitties are very fluffy, big, specialmente Tiny Bear, and sweet little boy Simba Kahn with la tongue!!!! Kisses for you many greetings and good health for you!!!

  18. Hi Molly,
    Hope you had a good Christmas and I am glad Tiny Bear is fully recovered from her bug that she had, give my love to all the other kitties.

    Happy New Year


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