Mythicbells Persians 2013 Calendar

The calendar is ready for anyone who is interested.  As in the past, it’s available through CafePress.  They do all the work: print on demand, packaging, shipping, etc.  They will even take returns if your order is not quite … in order.  The 2013 calendar features only the “K” litter.  I usually put the mother kitty on the cover, but I managed a really great group photo of the K Girls, so decided to use it.  I wish I could say that about the rest of the photos.  Actually I got some pretty good photos of the girls — enough to fill the calendar — but it was up hill work.  They were such busy little kittens that many photos were not in good enough focus for print.  I so often hear the comment about any given photo I post “THAT one would be good for the calendar,” but I fear that I’m as finicky as a … well … a cat!  If there’s dirty laundry in the back ground, or it’s cute but the composition is off, etc. etc.  The list goes on.  Usually the fatal flaw is the focus.  It might look fine on a webpage, but is not good enough for print.  In any case, here’s the link to the calendar and I will also place it over to the right in the links section.  Also below is a preview of the calendar pages.  You can see which month each kitten is in by the file name.  No special order.

To purchase the calendar (please note that CafePress is doing something different with their calendars this year by allowing you to choose the starting month.  It’s default seems to be set on the current month, so if you don’t change that, your calendar will begin on that month.  I like my calendars to begin in January, but you choose what you like.  Just be aware that you do have to change this if you want it to start at the beginning of next year)

**I didn’t know this until someone asked, but there is a CafePress UK now.  Interesting.  And it translates without me having to do anything.  So for those of you in the UK who are interested in a Mythicbells Calendar:


6 responses to “Mythicbells Persians 2013 Calendar

  1. Already ordered today :)…. And I have January 2013 as start date. 😀

    • Wonderful, Maggie! I just found out that there is a CafePress UK now. I hope that means saving on shipping for you. I just posted the link to it in this post and over to the right in the links. I’m thinking that if you have an address in the UK that they will take that into consideration automatically. I hope so.

  2. What cutie-pa-tooties!

  3. Thanks so much Molly. Good news about CafePress UK too 😀 I will get my order in quick sharp.
    Have to admit, I’m trying not to look at the preview pictures, I know they are going to be absolutely gorgeous and I love the anticipation of seeing them for the first time when the calendar arrives.

    • popponessetbandit

      I feel exactly the same way, Griza!! I want to be surprised when I see the pics!! Molly, can’t wait to get my calendar, thank you.

  4. wonderful

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