Mythicbells Hiatus/Retirement Ramble

I’ve been trying to get my mind around this post for several weeks and finally gave up.  I’m going to dive in and start rambling and see what develops.  As many (or most) of you already know, I’ve announced that I will no longer be breeding.  I’m going to call it a hiatus (a term I saw a friend use) which leaves the back door open should I find the will and a way to start up again.  I made the ‘official’ announcement last week via Facebook and on my website around the day I took Simba Kahn in for his neutering; however it’s a decision I’ve been struggling with for several years and more so these past few months.  Any breeder who wants to continue breeding simply MUST re-home their retired breeders, and must do so on a continuing basis while bringing in new breeders.

In many ways I’ve been lucky beyond my wildest dreams.  Had I known the pitfalls and tragedies possible in this endeavor, it’s likely I would never have begun.  From the very first year I was forced into a crash course in breeding, feline husbandry, nutrition, and health.  I was not atypical in my hazy newby plans with the idea of how much fun it would be to have kittens every year to play with.  Cute!  Fun!  Yes and yes!!  To my credit, I did want legitimate breeding rights and CFA registered cats and a CFA registered cattery and I did NOT view this as a money-making home business, as is often the greatest newby pitfall.

The first year both kittens became ill before they were even a year old.  Tiny Bear recovered from what they called a ‘fever of unknown origin’ after $1100 of testing and a week in and out of the clinic.  Nugget was not so lucky.  She had a congenital eye condition in both eyes and it was necessary to remove one of them.  She became my first retired breeding cat.  Tiny Bear went on to be a first time breeder’s dream queen.   Initially finding homes for the kittens was a huge concern for me.  As it turns out that was the least of my problems.  From the onset quality kitty parents found me and over the years Mythicbells kittens became in demand.

I could go into any and all of my adventures and quite possibly might at some point, but overall, though I’ve had some problems and tragedies, they have been minimal compared to what I know other breeders have faced.  The positive side of the ledger far outweighs the negative.  Breeding these wonderful kittens has brought fabulous people into my life from all over the world and has created a unique “family” who have my very special kittens as well as an extended family who love and follow my cats and kittens.  I look back over the eight years since I began this endeavor and I’m astonished at all that has happened and all that Mythicbells has become.  The past few months have been a joy to me due to the very special “K” kittens and the wonderful people who were waiting impatiently to bring them into their hearts and their homes.  It’s also been a rough time for me in other ways.  THE DECSION!  I so do NOT want to lose all of this – and I don’t just mean the wonderful WONDERFUL experience of raising the kittens, but the whole package that is Mythicbells.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Sincerely!!  For your interest in me and my kitties; for your support of me and Mythicbells.  I hope to maintain contact with you all.  I would like input on KittyCam, the newsletter, the BLOG, etc.  I plan to leave KittyCam up for the foreseeable future.  It doesn’t cost me anything, and I see that people do enjoy the chat room at certain times of the day.  Of course we know that even that can’t go on forever, but for now it stays.  The newsletter does cost me a fee and I’m thinking that with Facebook now so prevalent that I will likely phase out the newsletter.  Many of the Mythicbells alumni are now connecting via Facebook and sharing photos etc.  A Facebook group started up just this week for Mythicbells alumni and anyone who enjoys sharing cats.  If you are interested in this group, let me know if you don’t already know about it.  I believe that you need to be “a friend” of either me or someone already in the group, at which time one of us can simply add you.  I intend to keep the BLOG up and hopefully active so that I can bore you with “All Things Molly and All Things Kitty.”  My website will also remain up as a source of information for cat care.  JAFO is still making the Granny Bells Stud Pants and Princess Panties that she and I developed.  How long that continues will be entirely up to JAFO.  Thank you JAFO!!

Sahara is scheduled to be spayed next week then I guess that will be it!!  I ask myself why this is so depressing since it’s really no different than any post-kitten adoption blues which I suffer each and every time – lol.  I had hoped (half-hoped?) that Sahara would go back into heat before I neutered Simba Kahn for one more litter this year.  I knew that I could manage that stress until the end of the year, but could not go into next year … waiting.  The headaches have been rough the past couple of months as well as mounting behavioral issues with the rest of the gang.  SO, if Sahara goes into heat between now and next week, I’ll shoot her myself!  (Just kidding, of course!)  If this were Tiny Bear we’d have the “L” litter on the ground by now.  I fear I had to disappoint a number of my favorite people who asked to be put on the waiting list at the last minute when they saw the K litter.  Well, they WERE pretty darn cute!!

I think that’s end of ramble.  Oh, yes, the videos will continue ad nauseum per usual and if you’ve been keeping up with the latest you will see that I am very much enjoying reconnecting with all of the resident kitties, playing with them, fussing over them, attempting to make them feel like the center of my universe (which of course they are).

I love you all!

Signed:  Molly, Nugget, Tiny Bear, Gypsy Rose, Simba Kahn, Sahara, Sirocco, Kalahari Falcon, & Sequoia


26 responses to “Mythicbells Hiatus/Retirement Ramble

  1. I understand how hard this must be, and I’m glad you chose keeping your furry family intact (meaning together, not the spay/neuter part, LOL!). I’ve enjoyed following your adventures. And I so appreciate all the advice and support during the urinary blockage adventure with Tiger. Had I not “met” you online before that happened, I would never have changed his diet and probably would no longer have him. Enjoy your “hiatus”!

  2. I like the word “hiatus”. It’s FAR better than retiring. My dear friend, I cant imagine what it would be like without our furry little Molly. She has brought so much joy to our life. Just a reminder to everyone, we named our little golden after Molly. The world is a better place because of you. You’ve made a REAL difference.

  3. I wish you the best with your decision. I know my breeder has talked about a “hiatus” too and she is torn. Thank you for letting me visit your beautiful shaded Persians and please continue to visit us.

  4. Ah, heck, Molly. I always enjoy talking to you and seeing all the adult kitties. The babies were just a bonus. Our first real conversations were about bathroom tile! Even if we can’t discuss kitties, there are lots of other topics.

    I’m sorry to hear about your headaches. Maybe that will improve without dealing with kittens.

    I’m also glad you’re keeping your little family together, rather than sending some of them to live elsewhere. They are all precious and it would be sad to see them broken apart.

    Hugs, Rae

  5. I would like to endorse what everyone else has said (and will say), in that we too have bnefitted immeasurably from you, your adult kitties (even KF the puppycat), the kittens (asstd), the kitty-almuni, and the entire Mythicommunity. Especially now it has developed a lively Mafiosi on FB.

    I think you must be the very first person I am able to wish: “Happy Hiatus”. Sounds like a new plant doesn’t it?

    Anyway I think theres nothing wong with ‘Retirement’ (being Semi-retired myself) and one can always come back from it, if you were so to wish and circumstances allow. We have all had many phases in our lives…. perhaps this is just the start of a new phase. Certainly a phase without headaches-migraines would be a good “new-phase” regardless of what else of your many talens, sorry, I meant “talents” you seek to exercise.

    There – I am so agitated my spelung sliped from its usual standards!
    Love to you and ALL the kitties… Bobin

    • I agree with everything HE said. And, like Maggie, I have tears in my eyes.
      Rather odd because I rarely do either one.
      Molly, you have touched my life in ways you will never know and I thank
      you. : )

  6. I am sitting here reading that wonderful blog/newsletter/Molly’s dream family, with tears in my eyes.
    I think I have been viewing your cams right from the start, if not quite then not many months after, long before I entered the chatroom.
    Loved every moment, loved all your kittie family, I will always read your posts, watch your videos and thank you Molly for being you !!!! And we all love you, and thankyou from the bottom of my heart for being a wonderful and caring person to Mythicbells journey across time, and a good listener to us all when we needed some help and comfort with our own kittie problems and heartaches. Enjoy your beautiful Furry Family 😀 sent with Love.

  7. I shall miss the new kitties but I hope that your hiatus does not last forever.
    We all love you and the Furry Purries.

  8. Hi Molly – I read this and it’s disappointing that you won’t have anymore kittens!! Since I just found you, I’m sure I would be way down on the waiting list for a kitten anyway! I will continue to follow you and enjoy seeing your kitties on the videos. Maybe some day, you will have them again and I will be eager to sign up. Thank you! Take care, Christy Hooper

    Sent from my iPad

  9. I kind of saw this coming a bit when Koi Koi was spayed – there’s only so long you would want to keep Sahara kittening, especially when you are tenderhearted enough to not rehome any of the others to make room for more moms.

    We like your pretty kittens, but we also like your adult cats too, and yourself as well! Plenty of people (like me) just have a blog to talk about their cats. Newsletter info can be a post in a category, or a sticky post, or a page to the side easily enough.

    I like to hear about your cat construction projects and your decorating and your art. I’ll keep reading even without new kittens, and I hope you keep up the blog and just enjoy yourself and your cats.

  10. Cheyenne Indienne

    The most beautiful “troup of cats” Web i seen in my life ! Most beautiful kitties so cute so funny so jumping and romping! Never i will forget all moments catch kittycam with babies born in direct mai, tears emotion, also all moments happy and the laugh always on my face to see these marvelous fur balls so so mischievous and malicious! Thank you Molly, Thank you all the “Gang of Mythicbells”! Good retire for you all ! I will see you always on kittycam and on Youtube and Facebook. You are my line sun of my day! From France you have a BIG fan. I embrasse you all and i give to you all my love. Bye Molly and kitties. I LOVE YOU. CheyenneIndienne

  11. I, too, have seen this coming for quite a while, and I feel so fortunate to have met you and the kitties, and to have Mickey in my life, before the hiatus in your current kittening career. But I applaud your decision, and certainly understand how you got there. Much love to you and all the kitties from Mickey, Opossum, Jack, Sally and Jill.

  12. Hmm…Molly, there are not enough words to convey how you and all of your furkids have Blessed our lives. I will never forget what you thought of Drifters forever name LOL! So for now have a great Hiatus and Please Ramble on as I so love to read it!! We wuv ya marianne and the boys. O&O 😀

  13. Dew Drop, Nimby and I support your decision wholeheartedly (although it is a wee bit bittersweet), and we wish you all the best. I am so glad you wish to maintain contact with everyone and to continue sharing your life and that of the “big kitties” with all of your fans and friends. We adore you and thank you for all the joy you bring into our lives – and an extra special thank you for the sweetest gift ever. 🙂

  14. Molly…I’ve known about this from FB and already told you how I feel, which has pretty much been echoed by everyone else. As others have said, I kinda knew this was coming. Although we’ve never met IRL, becoming friends with you, the other Mythicbells parents, and fans like myself has brought so much to my life. I spend most of my time completely alone, but I feel like I have a whole bunch of people in my life because of the community that you inspired. I think it says SO much about you that you couldn’t bear to re-home Nugget when she was a kitten, Tiny Bear after she was spayed, Kalahari when he had defective balls (he makes up for it with his personality, right?), Sirocco after her pyometra and subsequent difficult delivery, Sequoia after her c-section and rough start to motherhood, and now Simba Kahn’s neuter and Sahara’s impending spay. They are your fur-children and you just can’t give your family away.

    I’ve learned so much from you and I feel like I’m a better mom to Phoebe and Zoey because of it.

    Love, Mindy

  15. Although this wasn’t entirely unexpected because you had indicated more than a year ago on your blogs that you were considering ‘retirement’ from breeding, it was still the news I was dreading. I’m sure it must have been a very difficult decision for you but you are more than just a cat a breeder, you are a cat lover and having to re home any of your beautiful kitty family was going to be out of the question and not in keeping with you at all.
    My only regret is that I didn’t discover Mythicbells sooner. I came across your webcam at the time of the ‘E’ litter and would have loved to have been around for earlier litters.
    Having said that, I am delighted that you are going to continue with the videos, blogs, website and webcam. When you started all of this, you brought together some wonderful people who share a love of cats and I feel privileged to have known them, and you, and hope that it will continue for some time to come. You can tell how much it has meant to your followers by the comments you get.
    So I shall still look forward to watching and hearing about life at Mythicbells
    whether it’s the kitty ‘gang’s’ latest escapades, or a new DIY or art project.
    I wish you a very happy (and migraine free) retirement.

  16. I meant happy ‘hiatus’ actually. LOL

  17. Dear Molly and Family,
    I guess we all saw this coming and it shows how you love and respect your beautiful cats and could never part with them.
    I have enjoyed the past four years and will continue to visit kittycam and the blog while you continue it.It has been a site I love and just to see the resident kitties and talking to everyone is enough .As you know I am on oxygen and the past year have also been housebound and so I love you all dear people and especially you Molly as you have a heart and a beautiful little kittie family.
    I hope your terrible heads profit by not having so much on your plate and I will always wish you well.
    Cuddles to the kitties.
    Thankyou ,thankyou Molly

  18. Kisses for all of you and Gypsy Rose! We are waiting for new videos! Greetings!

  19. Dear Molly and wonderful Kitties,
    As many of us, I felt really sad when I learnt your decision, even if I quite understand you and I am also very sorry for your headaches. Anyhow, as I wrote you once, you have realized a special thing indeed, during these years (so sorry I didn’t know sooner – just after J litter) on many levels, with your cats and with people as well; be sure you will stay in the heart of a lot of us for a long time and to know that your blog and so on will still be available will help us not to feel too much like ‘orphans’. Thank you, Molly

  20. Hi Molly,

    Hope Sahara and Simba Kahn are continuing to do well after their recent surgery, your cats are so beautiful and so intelligent, that is why people like myself have an interest in seeing them on You Tube, their playfulness and obedience is down to your expert taining alone, they are a credit to you and looking on the sites of people who have had the various litters, seeing them grow into gorgeous individuals is lovely. You have done an excellent job.


    Barbara Shapland

  21. Hi Molly,
    I am glad that both Sahara and Simba Khan are doing well after their surgery,I bet it is a wrench for you that you are not breeding anymore, the training and hours of patience have paid off and that is why your cats are so patient and loving, as they have a loving home and someone who loves them dearly, you have done a good job in both breeding and looking after such lovely kitties.
    That is why they reward you with kindness, for example both Sirrocco and Gypsy Rose have a ‘licking your hand fest,’ it is their wayof saying thankyou Molly.

    Regards and thanks again,

    Barbara Shapland

  22. HI, Molly,
    just saw your post thought I knew it earlier through your email. But I still have many emotional feelings about your kittens. Both Jessie and I can rememeber it clearly it how excited and happy we were 2 years ago when we dropped by to pick up our first kitty- GOBI BEAR which we named him “Austin” later. It is a pretty sure thing that we are blessed to have it into our life. Anyway, we will continue to keep you updated about Austin and watch your videos/pictures of all of Mythicbells family. Take care and best regarding from Austin, Texas.


  23. There seems to be nothing left to say, it’s all been said in the previous comments. I just want to add that I am so grateful for the enjoyment your videos brought me, especially after I lost my two cats from illnesses last year. I came across your videos by accident while touring You Tube one morning about 2am when I couldn’t sleep. I have watched every one since then. You are a generous, knowledgeable cat lover to share your great tips with us. I have learned so much from your videos, from how to clean litter boxes to removing urine stains/odors, etc. But especially how to really love our kitties! I now have two more kitties to keep me company and I am enjoying them even more because of many of your “tips”. Thank you for all you have done for your own kitties, but mine as well. You will never know the full extent of your positive influence in our world as cat lover. Good luck to you, hope you feel better very soon and I look forward to viewing the videos of your adult cats.

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