Kitty Hi-Rise Retrofit

I thought I’d show you the latest “project.”  I actually started work on this while the kittens were still here.  I installed the hi-rise climber to the cathedral windows when I brought Tiny Bear and Nugget home as kittens in the fall of 2004.  I’ve been eying those baskets for quite some time.  They’ve been in the process of breaking down with the wear and tear, plus keeping them clean has been an issue.  I had to replace the bottom (4th) basket a couple of years ago when Sinba Kahn landed in it and sheared off the cantilevered support.  I replaced it with a solid shelf and whaddaya know, kitties don’t need cushy stuff to lay on.  They love the shelf.  Another problem with the baskets has been they weren’t quite long enough, and though the kitties all did fine stepping down through them, I could see that it might be easier if they didn’t have to drop over an edge into the next level and if they also had a few more inches to play with on the length.  The sisal has all been replaced once since it was first constructed–a long laborious process.  I’m hoping it will hold up for a while longer.  Unfortunately it’s apparent that the old cat tree in the foreground needs replacing.  I bought it in 1992 when I got my first two Persians (where does the time go??).  The base and lower section of sisal has been replaced 3 times.  I’ve been shopping for one I like, but also thinking of making my own for my winter project.

Hi Rise before:

Hi Rise after:

Two more, one with kitties in view.  I’ve lured Kalahari up and back down to test it, otherwise every one will likely ignore it for a few weeks just to keep me in my place as appropriate kitty staff.


9 responses to “Kitty Hi-Rise Retrofit

  1. It looks FANTASTIC, Molly. You make it sound so easy… I know the cats will love it but they are surely holding themselves back so as not to give you the satisfaction of them rushing up and down it all day. We love it. Please do provide photos and/or videos if you catch them using it. Well done. As always the Molly-thought-and-care behind the engineering is brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Bobin.

  2. I think the kitty staff did good. Very good. It looks really smart & practical.
    I’m sure your winter project will be a success. Will you go with just a shorter version of the big one,or will the kitties have some curved padded shelves to lie on? I guess they are enjoying all the attention again.

  3. Could I commission you to make one for Abby and Oliver? 🙂

  4. Well done Molly it looks sturdy – I am sure all the kitties will get used to it in time and want to try it out 😀

  5. It looks great, Molly. I’m sure Phoebe & Zoey would love something like that! Did you build that one yourself, have it built, or find it pre-constructed when you installed it originally in 2004? I will definitely be getting some kind of cat tree or shelves when I move, but until I find out I have been approved for an apartment and see the layout (either a studio or one-bedroom) I’m not going to buy anything.

    • I designed and installed it myself, Mindy. It has many flaws, but overall, it turned out pretty good. Kind of one of my more ambitious, scary projects since it had to be really secure and involved drilling holes in walls and stuff … 😀

  6. What a great job you’ve made of that Molly. I’m sure it will get kitty approval. Going by the video of Kalahari, I think you’re onto a winner.

  7. Re your reply to Mindy….. you wouldn’t have any spare time to take a trip across the pond and help me with some DIY would you? LOL!

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