Little photo shoot today

The last kitten (Kettle / Rosie) left yesterday for her new home.  Initial reports are about what you’d expect: resident adult kitties curious with paws under the door and new kitten hissing and growling a bit, but otherwise doing a great job of bonding with new human mom.  The two kittens who left first (Kemo Sabe / Abigail and Kabuki-san / Lolli) have adjusted nicely and are pretty much part of the family.  Kumquat / Kennie is getting there fast after her arrival in Texas early last week, and she is already playing with her new older brother (also a Persian).

Here, it’s the empty nest.  The other kitties are reclaiming their territory.  It’s a beautiful summer day and I took a few photos that turned out nicely of some of the Mythicbells kitties doing their thing in the enclosure.  It is particularly nice to see Tiny Bear out and about since she’s been staying upstairs a lot in past weeks.  Also, I saw Gypsy Rose grooming Sahara this morning and I love seeing their little friendship blossom again:


4 responses to “Little photo shoot today

  1. Awww! It is sad to see the last of the ‘K’ litter leave, but I’m happy for all the older kitties getting their own space back again.
    Thank you once again for letting us all share in the experience of watching the ‘K’ litter through their first 3 months, every moment a joy to observe.

  2. Tiny Bear looks just like Brulee in some of those photos!

  3. I LOVE ALL!!!

  4. Ditto what Grizabella said… 😀

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