Mythicbells family tree

Someone on YouTube requested a family tree run down of how all the resident kitties are related (or not).  She was hoping for a *real* artsy kinda family tree, but this will have to do for now.  Check the “the cats” tab above for photos of each kitty.

In order of seniority:

Nugget – born 8/04 shares a sire with Tiny Bear so they are half sisters.  Daddy’s name was Forchin Pechevalentine and he was a shaded golden.  Nugget’s mother was Demarkoff Golden Isis, a shaded golden

Tiny Bear – born 9/04 shares a sire with Nugget (see above) and her mother was Purr-Erze’s Sweet Trillium, a chinchilla silver.

Gypsy Rose – born 10/05 is Tiny Bear’s daughter from her (and mine) very first Mythicbells litter.  Her daddy was a guest stud: Shimosi’s Tang, a red tabby.

Simba Kahn – born 3/06 came from Minnesota and his sire was Goldenrush prince Boeregaard and dam was Goldenrush Dame Mariska Louise. Both of his parents were chinchilla silvers.  Simba Kahn has now been the sire of all of the alphabet litters. A, B, D, & F with Tiny Bear; C, E, G, I, & K with Sahara;  J with Sequoia; and H with Sirocco

Sahara – born 9/07 came from South Carolina and her sire was CH Ainulindale A Jackpot (a shaded golden) and her dam was CH RDreams Sugar Plum.

Sirocco – born 10/08 shares a sire with Sequoia.  He was Paws&Purrs Mattisse (Sahara’s full brother and a shaded golden), her dam was Ramayana’s Tapestry (a shaded golden)

Kalahari – born 6/09 is Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn’s kitten from the “F” litter.

Sequoia – born 10/09 has the same sire as Sirocco, her dam was Purr-Erze’s Koi and she was a “van” which is a mostly white cat with a few spots of orange.


Tiny Bear and Nugget are half sisters
Gypsy Rose is Tiny Bear’s daughter
Simba Kahn is only related to Kalahari
Sahara is auntie to Sirocco and Sequoia
Kalahari is son of Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn
Sirocco is half sister to Sequoia and niece of Sahara
Sequoia is half sister to Sirocco and niece of Sahara


10 responses to “Mythicbells family tree

  1. ‘Wow Wow’ I will have to read it again when I am not so tired. LOL !!!! Thanks Molly !!! what a beautiful family it is too !! 😀

  2. Maggie has put it really well. Now I see a race between DC and Auntie Jafo whether to put on the Internet in some form, or a a Mythic-Kittapestry,
    Thanks, Bobin

  3. I’m so glad you can keep all that straight!

  4. Thank you, Molly! ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ

  5. Wow, I’ve read it twice, think I’ll have to print off a copy to keep it all straight in my head. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Molly, I find it really interesting. Hope you’re not going to be testing us on it later though, LOL!

  7. popponessetbandit

    Thank Molly, for the genealogy of the Mythicbells gang. I’m with Griza, about the test. But if you decide to quiz us, please give notice, so we can study.

  8. OMG!! I am not sure that I can keep that straight in my head.

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