Kabuki-san and general update … also photos.

If Kabuki-san is not 100% back up to her normal little self since her injury over a week ago, she it so close that I can’t detect any limping.  SO, she should be ready for her pre-adoption bath tomorrow and she will be leaving for her new home on Friday.  Yesterday I found her lounging in the sun on the porch of the little cabin outside and thought she was so cute I ran for the camera.  Oh, yes, and she was laying still, so that helped.  Apologies to Kettle (Rosie’s) and Kennie Kumquat’s moms for not giving them equal ‘air time’ with photos.  I will try to get more of them in the next few days.  I have been able to get a daily video out of the 3 girls and that’s about it.  (really rough couple of days with a migraine, so the kittens could and have been getting away with just about anything they want.) Rosie has managed to figure out how to leap over the kitten gate, so confining them without confining mom is no longer possible.  They are now re-defining the term ‘raised under foot.’  Kumquat spent yesterday afternoon with me on the couch which was very sweet, and the other two napped in flower pots outside until I brought them in covered in dirt.

Kemo Sabe now has a new NEW name.  After a day or so, it became apparent that her *real* name is Abigail (or Abby), but she will also be keeping her other names as well for an appropriately fancy Pedigree style name: Abigail Anderson Couper.  With ‘Mythicbells’ in front once she’s spayed and registered.  She is doing SO well and has won over every ones hearts in her new home and at her new vet’s, but most important, she has won over her new big brother (a Tonkinese) Oliver, and all in record time.  WOW!  Way to go Abigail.

Photos of Kabuki-san (Lolli):


9 responses to “Kabuki-san and general update … also photos.

  1. I hope you’re feeling better today, Molly!

  2. Hope you are feeling better, Molly!

    So glad Lolli is doing so well.

  3. My sympathy on the migraine, not something I would wish on anybody. Lolli is beautiful in the sunshine!! Love Abigails new name.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  4. Hope your migraine is gone. We love seeing the little goldens! Brulee (our silver) will be one year old next week.

  5. As with all, wish you migraine-less soon, if not earlier.

    Have any previous kitties figured out the kitten-door-leap problem?

    Very glad that Kabuki is back to normal or as near as makes no difference. The speed she manages withthree and a half legs bodes well for what she might manage with four!

    Abbie (or however you spell it) is, I think an even better name than Anderson as a ‘working name’. She has surpassed at Vet taming 101 and also BigBrother taming 102. I suspect she is up to Furniture Detruction 202 at present… Any news on how she’s coping with Stair-Raising Antics?

    Love to you all:- Remaining kitties, their future proud parents, their current proud MythicMolly, and all the adult Mythicats as well of course.
    Thanks as always for keeping us so well informed via multiple media. Bobin

  6. Does Rosie know how to operate a bolted door yet? Probably. lol!



  7. OUR NEW LOVE!!!

  8. Hi Molly,
    Hope all the K Litter are happy in their new homes and that the new owners update you on how they are getting on, such lovely kitties and a credit to you and Sahara and Simba Khan.
    I bet they will miss you and you them, they are so adorable and cute,”You have done a good job,”


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