K Litter update and photos …

I’m definitely flailing helplessly behind on THIS litter’s adventures, photos, news, etc.  A lot has happened since the last post.  As you probably know by now, we had a kitten mishap here last Monday with Kabuki-san.  She injured her right rear leg.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I was near-by and heard the cry so know approximately where.  The kittens were playing  at their usual break neck speed in the enclosure just behind where I was multi-tasking (talking on the phone, scooping an outside litter box, and dealing with the other cats).  I heard a kitten cry and dropped everything.  Little Kabuki-san was holding her leg up but otherwise seemed fine.  Still, it was obviously more serious than just a mild injury, so I rushed her to the vet where they squeezed her in as an emergency.  This took all day.  I left her there to have xrays done when they could get to her and finally got the news late afternoon that she had not broken or fractured anything.  What a relief!!  It’s a significant sprain and she’s still limping on it five days later and may do so for a while yet, but is doing great.

I managed to get Kemo Sabe launched yesterday before she went and did something stupid.  (or me for allowing it to happen!)  Her new mom flew down from Oregon to pick her up.  What a wonderful lady!  We had a great visit and Kimo Sabe (now Anderson) is destroying someone else’s house.  Initial reports are excellent.  She should have the place demolished in record time.

Next to leave will be Kabuki-san, then Kumquat, then last will be Kettle on September 1rst.

I just managed a camera download.  A mish mash of whatever was there and not too blurry.  Here they are:


7 responses to “K Litter update and photos …

  1. I’ll know you’ll miss them when they are all in their new homes.

  2. All the kitties, both young and old(er), are adorable!

  3. All are adorable !!!! ❤

  4. O, OUR LOVELY CATS! GR, Why no mood?!!!

  5. Beautiful photos as always Molly. Glad to hear that Kabuki-san is recovering well after her kitty athlete accident.

  6. You are all adorable! Little sweet furball Kabuki-san I send a kissen on your little sweet furball leg!!

  7. Again a georgeous set of pics, Molly. Also lovely to have the adultcats included… Many thanks. Love to all and esp Kabuki – who manages to get around like lightning on 3 legs. Bobin

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