Bunches and bunches of K litter kitten photos

The K litter is almost 11 weeks old and are all doing so well. As you can see, they just regular little catabouts, into everything. Kemo Sabe (Anderson Couper) is leaving first on the 18th, then Kabuki-san (Lolli), Kumquat (Kennie Kumquat), and last will be Kettle (Rosie). Their adoption days are scheduled about a week apart with Kettle leaving on September 1rst.


8 responses to “Bunches and bunches of K litter kitten photos

  1. Wonderful pics.
    New email for me, Molly!

  2. Such little beauties

  3. Beautiful girls! Their families are so lucky! I love the pics of Kemo Sabe and her daddy!

  4. Lovely photos, and, as Mindy says, the ones with Kemo Sabe and her dad are adorable.

  5. what a st of beauties…

  6. Hi Molly,
    Hope one of the kitten’s leg has recovered from her sister accidentally falling on it, good news it was not broken, but slightly bruised.
    They are all growing up into lovely pussies, so friendly and approachable, their new families will enjoy having them.
    I bet you will miss them so will Sahara and Simba Kahn and the other cats.
    Once again you have done a good job.



  7. Beautiful

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