Camera dump – lots of kitten photos!

The K litter is just over 10 weeks old now and all are doing SO good.  The first one will be leaving on the 18th and the last one on September 1rst for their new forever homes.  This week they were examined by my vet and given their first vaccination.  All were declared Cute and Healthy.

I’m having a hard time getting individual GOOD, IN FOCUS photos of each kitten.  I wonder why?  OH!  I know!  They never sit still.  Here’s what I’ve been collecting since last time.


8 responses to “Camera dump – lots of kitten photos!

  1. Kitties are effortlessly georgeous and cute, regardless of which way up they are. Happy to see Kalahari getting into the limlight as is his way. Natural star quality, that one… Thanks as always for sharing these with us, Molly. Bobin

  2. As we say in the Cat Blogosphere – squeeeeeeee!

    They are so adorable.

  3. Frankie Hallen

    Molly, as always , great photos, beautiful subjects. The 18th is Next Week!!! I’m very happy for their new families, but that time has just flown by. So very glad you had a photo of the Handsome Simba Kahn. He’s so huggable.

  4. Beautiful photos of the ‘K’ litter, thank you for some wonderful videos over the past weeks, they are so enjoyable. 🙂

  5. HAPPY CATS!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing all these pictures!

  7. They are growing into such beautiful cats so quickly. Thanks for posting and thanks for all the happy hours I’ve spent in front of the webcam these past few months.

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