Seven week old photos of the K Litter

The kittens got bathed yesterday and hopefully were still moderately clean for their photo shoot today. I started with them half asleep which works well, except by the time I get to the last one they were getting pretty rambunctious, with all of them trying to get into the photo shoot chair at the same time. I managed a couple with all four — faces in view.  What are the odds of that?? 😀


10 responses to “Seven week old photos of the K Litter

  1. As always, these are beautiful pictures, Molly! Each one is more adorable than the last and the group shots are great. I love how Kemo Sabe’s eyes practically take up her whole face, just like her Auntie Sirocco’s did as a baby! 😀

  2. sigh – a little basket of matisse is all i see… choke.

    such amazing little creatures molly – you done good.

  3. Frankie Hallen

    How lucky, sorry, clever of you to get the group shots.They are beautiful

  4. Well if there a 50 percent chance of a kitten looking forward rather than away, then you would expect 4 kittens to be looking at you once in every 16 pictures.

    You got more than twice the expected number – good job!

  5. Adorable as ever !!! 🙂

  6. Beautiful pictures!

  7. Hi Molly,
    Such lovely cats these kitties are turning into and a pleasure to watch not like some of the rubbish you get on You Tube, one of which features two cats mating and the female after getting bitten, lets out a scream, I have flagged that video as innapropriate, I’d rather watch the Mythicbells kitties, as they relax me and make me smile not like the video I described, called Orysya and Emil.
    You do such a good job in rearing beauties like these, that it puts other peoples videos to shame.

    Barbara Shapland

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