Visit with the K litter – photos

These photos were all take by my friend who goes by the name of BlueCatEyes during her visit with us yesterday.  The babies played with us in the living room until they dropped from exhaustion, as you can see. They are now almost 7 weeks old — specific kittens are not identified, you’ll just have to guess:


6 responses to “Visit with the K litter – photos

  1. Just precious! Blue…I’m so envious that you got to visit! 😀

  2. I am so envious also, some beautiful pics – thanks Blue for sharing with us 😀

  3. Frankie Hallen

    Oh such sweet babies.

  4. Sweet,sweet,sweet,sweet,sweet!!!

  5. Blue, you are so lucky and privileged to be able to visit the Barr family and kittens – thanks for sharing the pictures. 😀

  6. Blue
    Thanks SO much for sharing these gorgeous pics with us (and extra ones on FB too). Like the others I am deeply envious… Bobin

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