Candid photos of the K Litter


11 responses to “Candid photos of the K Litter


  2. These are wonderful pics, Molly, but personally I just love to see them ‘au naturelle’ either flopped around their toys, or running wild. Bobin

  3. The best pics of them so far……. you capture their sweetness/mischief so well! Love those big blue eyes!!

  4. I love all of these pictures!

  5. Magnificent photos of the K litter – 😀

  6. They are all so beautiful and I notice these photos particularly showing a more mature look to their faces. I’m so pleased that you’ve put the one of Kemo Sabi peeking through the kitty hole on your webpage, it shows those big,beautiful eyes off so well.

  7. Frankie Hallen

    I agree with Grizabella, the photo of Kemo Sabe is the cutest yet.

  8. Sweet Purrfections

    We love following these kittens as they grow up.

  9. Without the words!

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