New K litter photos

As you know from the Christmas in July video, the kittens were photographed yesterday.  I may have some of those photos at some point, but today I decided we were over due for the weekly photo shoot.  I’ll call it the six week old photo shoot, but they are about 6 1/2 weeks old.  All are doing well and now everyone is over a pound including little Kemo Sabe.


9 responses to “New K litter photos

  1. Each picture is more precious than the last. Sahara and Simba Kahn definitely make pretty babies! 😀

  2. Kute kitties keep koming.. keep kittiewagon krunching…

  3. Cheyenne Indienne

    Happy parents cats and Molly to have kitties also precious beautiful and fluffy!

  4. Too cute for words! I especially like the pictures of Kettle (because she looks like a baby Mickey, of course!).

  5. I LOVE ALL!!!

  6. Beautiful pictures, they are just adorable!

  7. Oh !!!

    It’s so lovely ! 😀

  8. They just keep getting cuter with each photo shoot. Please keep the pictures coming Molly.

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