K litter 5 week old photo shoot

Here they are.  All doing well.  They are just beginning to find their way out into the rest of the house but still aren’t completely comfortable roaming around outside the nursery too much yet.


9 responses to “K litter 5 week old photo shoot

  1. Sooooo Cuteeeeee!!!!!

  2. Amazingly Beautiful !!! 😀


  4. I just can’t handle how cute these little girls are!!!!

  5. This is one of the stages of kitty developmnt I enjoy the most. Some roaming… some kitty-huddling, and exploring new toys, or to be exact, exploring OUR old toys in new and innovative ways.

    They are all amazingly beauiful. My only wish is that their markings were less similar so I could tell them all apart. It was easy when one was a silver or had a really stripy tail. But they are all absolutely adorable, and I love to hear about how they are exploring everything, and their relationships with the adult cats (and visa versa of course). Thanks Molly, and all the people who stop and chat in the kittycam chat area. Bobin.

  6. Such very pretty girls. Thanks for posting Molly.

  7. Cheyenne Indienne

    Molly, what a beautiful and priceless gift you give us since 5 weeks. See these little babies grow up day by day. Now comes the best with their games …. with this gang of four here will be very “fun”. I look forward to that. Thank you, really thank you for sharing your happiness with us. Congratulations for all your wonderful “cats” of Mythicbells. And see you on kittycam.

  8. As we say in the Cat Blogosphere – squeeeeeeeeeee! They are just too adorable.

  9. Cuteness overload! Great K-photo boot Molly! Kettle´s face reminds me of her big brother Mickey minus wild hairdo. As a follower on YT I watch them climbing higher, running faster and growing into their cattitude everyday!

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