K Litter formal photo shoot!

I thought that the first little adventure out of nest/corral and the babies would freeze up and get nervous.  Not so!  I did take them out when they were droopy with sleep, but each and every one of them was so relaxed and hammed it up for the camera until I had to stop or spend the rest of the week just processing photos.  Little Kemo Sabe was the least active in that she just wanted to roll on her back and be cute.  Her mannerisms in that respect remind me SO much of her cousin Sirocco, or perhaps I should say fellow grease ball, since Sirocco was the greasiest kitten I’ve ever had.  Kettle is going to be a stomper, “making bread,” like her daddy does.  Kumquat surprised me by being quite the little ham as was Kabuki-san (which didn’t surprise me) who went first.  I narrowed the photos down to just three of each kitten.  All are doing very well.  Three are eating out of the plate on their own: Kumquat, Kettle, and Kemo Sabe.  Kemo Sabe is the most enthused about food and wades right in to her chin.  She’s still the smallest but gaining steadily.  Kabuki-san is not interested in food thankyouverymuch!  She has far more important stuff to do out and about the corral.

Here they are… at four weeks old (tomorrow).

Click on the thumbnail to start the larger photos and you can ID each kitten from the file name lower left of each photo.


9 responses to “K Litter formal photo shoot!

  1. Utterly delightful
    Noticeable weight gains all round (especially all round Kemo Sabe) as ‘real’ food supplements Sahara-food. I bet Sahara is thinking ‘glad to be rid of this feeing frenzy’ as they are, unfortunately getting a bit rough with her. But they are sarting to play – with toys… with each other… and like can only get more exciting for you, for them and for us.

    Many thanks for sharing in such depth, Molly.

    From ALL your fans and Bobin.

  2. Each picture was more adorable than the last, but I couldn’t find file names. Regardless, they are just beyond cute! 😀

  3. I take that back. As I hovered over the thumbnails I could see the file names.

    • Hovering works, but if you click on the thumbnail the larger photos pop up and you can go through them with left/right arrows. WAY down at the bottom of the screen, lower left is the file name under each photo. It’s possible that for some reason your browser is cutting that off… not sure how they appear in different browsers.

  4. Oh my gosh… or should it be golly Miss Molly ……What gorgeous kittens!!!
    You capture their sweetness/ mischieviousness so well! Thank you again for sharing their lives with us for now.

  5. Frankie Hallen

    I left my comment under the last photo instead of here

  6. Wonderful photos (I like the light background too)! I wondered whether you feel like they are starting seeing you as a separate entity; I was impressed some days ago by the video where Intrepid (?) was looking with so much interest to the large screen while you were busy with his little sisters (most probably charmed by your well-known voice).

  7. They are so Adorable!!!! 😀

  8. They are growing so fast now. Four adorable girls posing for the camera. 😀

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