K Litter Photos hot off the press

I managed a little photo shoot representing all of the kittens this morning.  They are now just short of 3 weeks old.  All are active, alert and looking good, however I continue to be a little concerned over Kemo Sabe.  She remains the smallest and her weight has plateaued for a couple of days.  I’m hoping this is just one of the normal ups and downs the kittens go through.  Normally I wouldn’t worry too much if she were one of the fat ones.  Still, she’s looking great, apparently nursing well, and hasn’t lost weight.  You’ll see from her photos that she is definitely going to have ‘Sirocco eyes’ ….

Here they are.  Click on a thumbnail to open up the larger photos.


15 responses to “K Litter Photos hot off the press

  1. utterly delightful – as always.
    Come on Kemo Sabe – either eat more or wriggle a bit less (or both??)
    Bobin (who neither eats less nor wriggles more).

  2. Kemo Sabe is such a doll kitten! beautiful 🙂

  3. They are just too cute for words. Kemo Sabe is just beautiful.

  4. such ugly kittens.

    luve snuggle cuddle kisses

  5. They are all precious.

    Maybe Kemo Sabe is also like Sirocco in that she is waiting for the raspberry turnovers! 🙂

  6. Frankie Hallen

    They are all such beauties, Maybe Kemo Sabe is just going to be “petite”. As long as they are healthy . thank you for the photos.

  7. Kettle will maybe have the same stern look as Sahara. Did you formerly have with the other litters such minor problem as for Kemo Sabe? Any possible suggestion from your vet?

    • Yes, this is not uncommon. I have only lost one and that was at less than a week old. We’ll have to just wait and see… chances are she is just building up for a burst and she will also be a tiny kitty like Sirocco. At this age it’s rarely productive to take them to the vet. Either they make it or they don’t and subjecting a neonate to the stress of a trip to the vet
      is something I don’t like to do. I’ve been very lucky over all, but the possibility always remains that nature will take it’s course, regardless.

  8. Multicsiribiri

    Kemo Sabe! You are a little beautiful kitty I love you.

  9. Molly !!!!! they are such adorable kittens, they make my face curl just looking at them……:D precious babies.

  10. All 4 are so precious! I am hopelessly in love. I agree with everyone else about Kemo Sabe. If she’s made it this long, I think she’s going to be ok…maybe just petite like her Auntie Sirocco?

  11. Sweet Purrfections

    They are so adorable! I love watching the little ones grow up. Hope Kemo Sabe begins gaining some weight soon.

  12. I’m following your website and the litter from Holland.
    I find them all adorable, and Kemo Sabe hopefully wil be healthy as her sisters. Sahara can be proud of her daugthers.
    Thank you for the foto’s, webcam and video’s; I’am watching them almost every day.

  13. So lovely to see these little ones growing and ‘finding their feet/paws’.
    I have been able to follow their progress over the past week from the internet provided in my hotel, which I was very glad for.
    Kemo Sabe certainly looks bright and healthy, do hope she’s ok.

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