K Litter – 16 days old

I’ve been waiting and waiting to get some good photos of these little guys for the next blog update.  Photos have not been forthcoming – sigh!  So, I figured I’d best write a quick update and get photos later.  I do get credit for a video per day which is not bad, so you all know how well they are doing.  In case you missed the gender news, we have an ALL female litter.  This is a fun surprise mainly because it’s my first, and because I’ve had quite a few all male litters.  Names remain the same: Kabuki-san, Kumquat, Kemo Sabe, and Kettle.  Kettle and Kumquat are leading in the weight department, with Kabuki-san next and Kemo Sabe is still the smallest.  Looking back over my records, the only kitten smaller than Kemo Sabe at this age was Half Pint who grew up to be a perfect tiny cat.  All four kittens continue to do very well.  So far so good.  They are getting quite active and I will be setting up their corral soon so we can watch them fall out of their nest.

You probably have surmised that they are all spoken for.  While this is true, I have deposits pending on two of them.  A kitten is never truly spoken for until the family has put a deposit down, however I feel fairly certain that will not be a problem.  I have not been in any hurry since I think this is the first time that all kittens were spoken for by the time they were only a week old.  First choosing of the kittens will begin in late June.  Around that time, I will shake out the waiting list and determine who wants to remain on it for the next litter and who doesn’t.  I apologize at this point for not contacting each and every one of you with these details, but like I said, the kittens are still very young.  Of course anyone on the waiting list is free to contact me to let me know where they stand.

Sahara is also doing very well, though several days ago she had a nervous mommy attack.  I’d only left the house for 45 minutes or so to walk over to Safeway — and I didn’t take my cell phone (well, I barely know how to answer it in any case!).  I returned home to the phone ringing.  Sahara had been seen on Kitty Cam mauling a kitten and then dragging her out of the nest.  Sure enough, I found her with said kitten under the flower thing.  It’s nice and dark and safe under there.  I retrieved the kitten and calmed mommy, then she promptly grabbed another one and disappeared with her under the flower.  Another phone call!  SO, the flower was removed, the nest was re-caved, lights turned down, etc.  for the rest of the day and all has been well since.  I’ll never know what spooked her, but she and I spotted a neighbor cat outside the window last night, or it could have been the gardeners making a lot of noise.  Who knows?  Sahara takes a walk out and about a couple of times a day and seems fine with the other cats, but would probably not take kindly to them getting close to the kittens so for now the nursery is off limits to the rest of the gang.

As usual, the kittens have quite a following via Kitty Cam and YouTube and I suspect that it’s already gone to their little heads.

I’m inserting a gallery of photos I do have.  You’ve seem them before since they are snapshots out of the videos for the video thumbnails, but it might be fun to see them all at once:

10 responses to “K Litter – 16 days old

  1. I am so smitten with these kittens :3

  2. CheyenneIndienne

    Je les ADORE ! I love them !

  3. Thanks Molly, as always for the ‘background behind the news’, eg why the nest was darkened for a bit a few days ago. Kitties are delightful already, and your photos are always of suplative standard. Thanks for stream of videos… We await the start of breakout to the world and we can ALL then start playing with the toys again… YIPPPEEE…. Bobin

  4. Thank you for the update, Molly. I can’t believe I missed Sahara’s meltdown. Maybe that was a blessing! 🙂

  5. Love the ones with big-eyed girl Sahara hovering in the background.

  6. Beautiful kitten photos as always, I am sorry Sahara freeked-out 😦 gosh so glad I never saw it, but pleased all is calm now. 😀

  7. popponessetbandit

    Thanks, Molly, for the update on the kittens and Momma Sahara…. Can’t wait for them to break out and play soccer in the nursery!!!!!

  8. I’m glad that Sahara has calmed down. That must have been scary for you and all who witnessed it (I didn’t, luckily)! The kittens are all so adorable…I can hardly stand it! 😀

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