About Kemo Sabe …

Something “Beautyofsweden” said in her comment on the last post concerning the name Kemo Sabe as relates to gender triggered a memory.  In the 80’s, my younger sister and I attended the State Fair in Sacramento with out mother.  At the time we were in our 30’s.  We decided to have one of those photos taken where you dress up in costumes.  It was something we’d always wanted to do.  The costumes were western themed and the photographer pulled out saloon girl dresses for us each to pose in.  We both shook our head and this was the result.  SO, not only does “Kemo Sabe” mean “trusted friend” (at least in one interpretation), I think it applies to the feminine gender equally well on other levels as well:

Me on the left with my sister, Nevada on the right: “trusted SCOUTS” (also another interpretation of the name Kemo Sabe)


11 responses to “About Kemo Sabe …

  1. I just love old family photos

  2. Always loved this picture of you two! Can’t imagine either of you in saloon dresses!! ~8-/

  3. ‘Great’ photo Molly of you both – 😀

  4. You and your sister are very pretty girls!

  5. I love this picture of you and Nevada!

  6. Marvellous photo. Far better than ‘saloon girls’….
    b o b i n.

  7. Wonderful picture, even better story!

  8. Its very beautiful picture, and the meaning of the name. Hope you having a good weekend.

  9. What a GREAT pic, Molly! I love the expressions on your faces!

  10. You both looks very determined and strong with an adventurous grace. Kemo Sabe, two small word but holds so much.
    Thank you for sharing this treasure memory!

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