K Litter is one week old

Yesterday was the one week mark for the “K” litter. In the past week they’ve been through a lot and have come through with good grace and ultimate cuteness. Initially I was quite worried about the one now known as Kemo Sabe. She had not gained any weight for the first two days, so I helped things along just a bit and she, along with her three sisters, are all doing very well. Yes, I know. GENDERS!! I’m pretty sure that they are ALL female and poor little Kemo Sabe and Kumquat had no need to swap names. But no more name changes. Until further notice we have four little girls: Kabuki-san, Kumquat, Kemo Sabe, and Kettle.

A little history behind a couple of the names. The gorgeous little silver tabby in my very first litter (Gypsy Rose’s brother) I called Kemo Sabe. This was before I did ‘milk’ names so it was never revealed to anyone. I’ve wanted to use the name ever since — who would have thought I’d have an all female litter for the “K”s!!? I ALMOST hung it on Kalahari. Maybe it’s fateful coincidence that Kalahari gets a premo “K” name despite my not going with “Kemo Sabe?” I don’t know. Actually he has a double “K” name: Mythicbells Kalahari Falcon Khamsin. The other “K” milk name with a small history is “Kettle,” who was the name of a character in one of my favorite fantasy trilogies by Robin Hobb.

Their eyes are just beginning to open and it looks as if they will have Sahara’s trade-mark in huge eyes. Second only to Sirocco. Today they got their little claws clipped and while I did that I tried to get snap shots of each kitten. As far as “are they all spoken for?” I think we can assume that they are. I’ve worked my way through about a third of the list and have verbal commitments on three so far. They aren’t even a week old yet, so things can change, but I don’t think finding them wonderful homes it in any doubt.




Kemo Sabe


13 responses to “K Litter is one week old

  1. The pictures look like paintings! Each little “K” is gorgeous….and their forever families are very, very lucky! -)

  2. How about half a name change – Kumquat-San and Kemo Kettle?

  3. They are so lovely! I just can’t believe how strong and yet vulnerable and fragile and delicate they are. Little Kumquat’s mouth in her picture is just so cute. Their forever families are very lucky to get such delightful creatures 😀

  4. They are georgeous kitties, and these are some of your best photos – and that’s saying a lot considering all the pics you have given us. All girls indeed? Whatever is the world coming to?

  5. Oh my goodness! All four little girls are too cute for words. I want to cuddle all of them!

  6. Just wonderful news regarding all kitties.

  7. Adorable photos and 4 beautiful girls, 😀

  8. Thanks for the update and beautiful pictures Molly and thanks for the explanation on Kemo Sabe’s name. I did get a bit confused the other day during a conversation in the chat room. I see that the name means ‘trusted friend’. I think that’s lovely.

  9. They are so adorable! Our breeder is trying to get some goldens now.

  10. I love all cats, Molly!

  11. I think it is destiny that Kemo Sabe is a lady Ranger. Sometimes a girl gotta be the first to fit that furry costume too;) They all look so precious and hope one of them can level with bigbrother Mickeys wild hairdo in the future!

  12. You and your sister are very pretty girls!

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