K Litter update

Day 4 for the “K” Litter.  I’m still not committed on the genders.  I have been a little distracted with one thing and another, but  I decided to leap and designate names today:

Classic = Kabuki-san (3.5 oz/90 g)
Blue foot = Kemo Sabe (4.2 oz/120 g)
Pink foot = Kumquat (3.2 oz/90 g)
Plain foot = Kettle (4.0 oz/114 g)

Birth weights where (in ounces): 3.2, 3.2, 3.1, 3.1

Kemo Sabe and Kettle are little piglets and have gained quite a bit, however yesterday I grew very worried over Kumquat and gave her (him?) a little boost via tube feeding s/he had lost weight and they have so little to lose.  the supplemental feeding *seemed* to do the trick and Kumquat was nursing strongly by bed time and gained 3 grams over night.  I’m also watching Kabuki-san carefully as s/he gained only a tiny amount.  Otherwise they certainly look good and are quite loud and vigorous.  Sahara is eating well and only got into one fight this morning which was totally my fault.  Once again I got involved with the computer and didn’t realize I’d left the door open for Sequoia to stick her little nose in.  Poor Sequoia!

Here’s a couple of photos I managed this morning after weigh-in:

11 responses to “K Litter update

  1. Thank you so much for the update Molly. Glad baby Kumquat is doing better and hope they all continue to flourish.

    Poor Sequioa….she probably won’t leave her sink for a month now 🙂

  2. Molly–so precious. what a yummy pile! Takes me (mom of HBBC Mom) back to the days of our tiny Buttercup and how we watched every day for an ounce of gain and how you said you were making sure there was a place for her at the “dinner table” since her siblings were all little piglets!

  3. 🙂 So pleased all are gaining now, there is always one that probably lags behind for a while but not for long with Molly about lol. They all look amazing, and I have noticed especially when i popped in when i wake up to find you going to bed that Sahara is very concerned about what is going on whilst you get ready for your night time. I saw her hiss or perhaps it was a meow – perhaps somebody was trying to get in – but she was so alert and wasn’t having anybody near her babies…. Thanks Molly as always. 😀

  4. Thanks for comprehensive update Molly. As usual you manage to act as Kittygran to Sahar’s brood, CamGran to us and Video-Photogenius to everyone. Not to mention broodmother to the remaining adults … any one job of which would totally exhaust a lesser mortal.
    Thanks a million, Molly.

  5. Frankie Hallen

    Thank you Molly, Sahara looks so beautiful & proud, as she should, I am always amazed at the colour transformation that happens in just a few weeks. they are as lovely as their names.

  6. Hi Molly,
    Hope all the little ones are well and continue to grow into strong kitties and that Kumquat is a lot better and continues to get stronger, I am amazed how quick the birth of the K Litter were, quite a record.
    Look forward to seeing videos of them shortly with Sahara and your good self on You Tube, what an amazing effort on all sides.

    Regards and congratulations again,

    Barbara Shapland

  7. Beautiful as always! My regards!Thanks Molly as always! KISSES!

  8. Ditto what everyone already said…

  9. Cute! Cute! Cute! We just love seeing pictures of baby Persians. Will they be golden like their mom or will there be some silver ones? How do you tell at such an early age?

    • Two golden parents will ALWAYS have golden kittens. These will look like Sahara. One parent has to be a silver in order for you to have silvers, and you can tell from birth whether they are gold or silver.

  10. Grrat news.
    Thanks for your time with the update.

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