The “K” Litter has arrived, ‘milk’ names are chosen

No great photos yet, nor videos, but those will all come in due time.  Sahara gave birth to four babies yesterday (May 29th, 2012).  Her official due date was on Sunday the 27th, so this means I was primed and ready for THREE days before she finally had them.  It’s interesting to look back at my journal later as it’s so easy to forget, and what felt like hours and hours was in reality much less, or visa versa.  Kitten #1 arrived at 1040 am, kitten #2 arrived at 1050 am, kitten #3 at 1055 am, and kitten #4 at 1120 am.  This was a FAST birth–four kittens in less than an hour.

Did it seem that fast for those of you who saw it on live cam?  Yes, I did have the cam on for this birth.  I don’t know how many folks watched.

One kitten has the classic tabby pattern (blotchy swirls) and three kittens have the mackerel tabby, also called Mc Tabby (with the tiger style of stripes).  This will make at least one of the kittens easy to spot while its here.  Remember that they all end up looking pretty much like Sahara by the time they are 6 months old.  In any case I have them coded as follows: ‘classic,’ ‘blue foot,’ ‘pink foot,’ and ‘plain foot.’  (pink and blue colors is a dab of nail polish on left hind foot) Later a couple will likely get little colored collars.  Per usual I’m not sure of the genders yet, but I *think* I’ve actually got more than one female! Maybe even three.  I’ve chosen their milk names but haven’t assigned them to kittens yet: Kemo Sabe (KEY-MO SAH-BEE, for those of you who are too young to remember the Lone Ranger), Kabuki, Kumquat (I’ve always wanted to say “my little Kumquat!”), and Kettle.  Kemo Sabe will be a male, and if there is another male he will be Kabuki.  Any of the names except Kemo Sabe can go with either gender… and even it can too since I’m making the rules.

Here’s some nicely out-of-focus shots I took this morning:


18 responses to “The “K” Litter has arrived, ‘milk’ names are chosen

  1. What great pics and great names (pretty partial to Kettle -:)

    Thank you for posting these Molly. It’s been a wonderful 36 hours.

  2. Congratulations to Molly and Sahara sooooo cuuute and happy Mom ! 4 babies kitties adored and so cuddles ! I am so happy to see the gentle family cat…. Thank you Molly for the share with us. Good health to all !

  3. Frankie Hallen

    Thank you Molly. Love the names, Kumquat—delicious!!

  4. Jennifer Hill

    OMG Molly!!! So adorable. And what fun names. I remember the Lone Ranger 🙂 Wish I could have seen the birth but will enjoy watching via KittyCam as they start to wander out of the nest. Thanks so much for all the happiness you bring to my life. ♥♥

  5. I always love the names you choose and I am always surprised! I’m still SO bummed that I dozed off and missed the births by less than an hour! But, the most important thing is that Mom and babies are happy and healthy. As always, thank you for sharing your ‘babies’ with us! Mazel Tov to you, Sahara, Simba Kahn, all the aunties, and Uncle Kalahari!

  6. Molly
    What a superb and as always innovative set of names.
    I too am ‘of the age’ to remember the Lone Rangeer – VERY well – so the name Kemo Sabe rings (Mythic?) bells with me too.
    Adorable pics. Not noticeably out of focus by the time they reached this side of the pond.
    I would say there were 30 or more people there on cam at the time of the birth, (IS Brits and others worldwide no doubt) and an extremely good natured discourse was had by all.
    Particularly lovely to see and chat to Malene (future KKittymom) on the webcam – its always nioce to bond with the future parents from the start, both for the kitties and for us all.

    Molly you really are amazing. Not only to be coping with a kittybirth (after 3 nonsleep nights?) AND to give us amazing birthing webcam AND to keep us all in touch via asstd media as well. I would be in bed exhausted for 48hrs after 10% of what you do.

    Yours in thanks and admiration,

    PS Thanks also to Sahara and SK without whom this whole lovely episode would not have taken place.

    • Bobin, you are priceless … just PRICELESS! It was a fortunate day for KittyCam when you discovered us. I’m of course getting a huge chuckle over the comment about bonding with the future parents of the kittens from the start – LOL. But I always enjoy your comments and your unique perspective on everything.

  7. @ Bobin

    From a future Kkittymom hopeful, thank you! You are such a lovely person.

  8. 😀 Well bobin said it all, As Usual !!!! LOL, bless him.
    Well a real bonus for us this side of the pond as I saw the whole birthing of Sahara’s babies and how wonderful it was also, room was full of excited people, as with me, (dinner got burnt – lol)…Sahara is an amazing mum and cares for her babies so well. Love the names – thank you so much for the privilage of the cams – so lovely to be back on board of Kittycam for the next few months to come. Well done Molly 😀

  9. It was so delightful to see the birth and to watch the little ones in their first hours. I’m really looking forward to seeing them grow up a little. You’ve done a wonderful job, Molly, in helping to bring these little guys into the world. Give Sahara a stroke from me – she’s done a marvellous job too!

  10. I am absolutely delighted to meet the K Litter. They look so healthy and beautiful – almost as gorgeous as their lovely Mummy – well done beautiful Sahara! Thank you once again Molly, for giving us this wonderful treat. I so look forward to watching them in the next few weeks.

  11. Had just finished mowing, checked in to see if we had kittens and was rewarded with being just in time to watch the entire birthing. Congrats to all.

    Have been a Kitty Cam fan since the very first lead-in days before the B litter and want to thank you again for sharing all this with us. Hugs all around.

  12. Not much left for me to say Molly, just want to echo what everyone else has said. So glad that Sahara and babies are all looking healthy. I love the names and am hoping that you are right with your prediction of 3 girls. Well the boys did outnumber with the * I * litter.
    Anyway, I’m now looking forward to watching them progress and, as Bobin says, it’s great that the future adoptees can follow along on the webcam too.

  13. At first glance, with eyes barely open, Sahara looks like a chicken in the second photo. =D

    Being a groupie, for just short of 4 years, i’m proud to say this was the first litter where i experienced the joy of seeing the kkitties being born. —and i must commend you for your fine collection of groupies, ya know. Near and far, we will follow ‘the band’.

    Kabuki will notably be the most dramatic, and perhaps the best dancer of the group.

    love to you all!

  14. Hi Molly,
    Been on the Kitty Cam and well done to Sahara for giving birth to such adorable healthy kitties and well done you for keeping us in touch of what has been happening, congratulations both of you, look forward to see the videos once they get posted onto You Tube.


    Barbara Shapland

  15. firstly i’m ticked i wasn’t there on the Kcam to join in all the fun. grrrrrrr. SHOOT.

    secondly – i am predisposed to choose kettle as my favourite, between being english and calling everything black i have no choice really.

    how do i see the reruns? i have no tivo, whine whine

  16. Hello Molly! Congratulations! I love you!

  17. Hi Molly,
    So glad all the K Litter are doing well, they are starting to open their eyes which look lovely eyes and beginning to fluff up nicely, what a cool cat Sahara is, she is a very good Mum to her kitties, they wil grow up to be as beautiful as Sahara, well done on your part for the organisation and follow through from their birth and weghing in, they are treated like royalty.
    Again Congratulations to all you and Sahara, of course.


    Barbara Shapland

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