Doodle Boarding & Sahara is doing fine….

Kitty news first.  Sahara is doing great.  She weighed in this morning at 8.30 lbs (a gain of about 2 lbs) and she is just a over a week from her due date.  I think she’s going to have a good sized litter.  She has never had less than four, and my guess is that she will have about that many this time if all goes well.   The little guys are going to be very active if fetal movement is any indication.

I set up her bed in the nursery a week ago and started confining her to the nursery at night.   This way I can set out extra food for her at night without the rest of the kitties getting it, and it also gives her a sense of proprietorship.


I have a canvas gathering dust in the garage.  Maybe this year will be a three painting wonder as my art returns to the back burner in favor of kittens?  However, I thought you might like to see one of my ‘doodle boards.’  I just finished this one last night.  I take a scrap piece of masonite, reinforce the back with two ribs of wood trim and paint it white.  I use pencil — just a mechanical pencil with an in between soft/hard lead — and start doodling.  There is no plan.  The idea is to doodle until the board is covered.  I spray it with a fixative as I go so the pencil doesn’t get too smeared.  It’s great evening-in-front-of-TV activity and it’s always interesting to see it develop.  This one probably took six weeks or so.  The board is 7″x24.”


15 responses to “Doodle Boarding & Sahara is doing fine….

  1. Blue Cat Eyes

    Definitely your artwork that I love. It flows from you.

  2. I get so excited every time I see a kitten update post…:-)…especially at the thought of a large litter!

    I love your Doodle Board idea. How fun! Your Doodle Board is so wonderfully whimsical.

  3. Molly, if that is just a “doodle”I can hardly wait for something serious. You have so much talent.

    • I was gonna say pretty much the same thing. Your ‘in front of the tv’ doodle is amazing!

      I’m SO excited for kittens!!!!! 😀

  4. Fantastic!! Love it!!

  5. beautiful and amazing!

  6. Sweet Purrfections

    If that’s doodling, our mom says she is just kitty scratching.

    Hoping everything goes well with the labor and kittens.

    Truffle and Brull

  7. Sweet Purrfections

    Oops! That was from Truffle and Brulee

  8. Fantastic pictures! Congratulations! YOU ARE A REMARKABLE WOMAN! WAIT WITH JOY OF SAHARA BABY! Greetings!

  9. OMG!!! Molly that is an amazing – its more than just a doodle 😀
    So pleased Sahara is almost there – I will be away the weekend she is due 😦 I will certainly catch up though when I return. Good Luck to you and Sahara.

  10. As everyone else has said, gorgeous doodling!!! Can’t wait for Sahara’s kittens to be born…. best of luck to BOTH
    of you!!

  11. That’s one amazing doodle Molly! Glad to hear Sahara is doing well, anxiously awaiting the arrival, and if it’s going to be a good sized litter, I bet the people on your waiting list are getting excoted too.

  12. *excited*

  13. Barbara-Ann Gillespie

    Hi Molly,
    That would be quite a climbing tree for the kitties if you could have it made.
    So tell me where do you start on that in the middle, top, side? Beautiful!!

    • I believe this one began with a long curvy line upper left that turned into that fat, worm-like shape with all the segments in it. Most of the doodles begin with a long wavy line in the center-ish, or upper half. There’s no rule, but that tends to be my pattern.

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