New kitten arrival estimate + lots of photos

Hi Everyone.  Again way past due for a post.  All is going well with the ‘K Litter’ project.  I’m expecting birth on Memorial day weekend, give or take a day or so.  I moved Sahara’s ‘nest’ into the nursery yesterday so that it can be properly inspected by everyone and take on familiar house odors.

Not much new as far as kitty news, except that I decided to clean out the kitty door tunnel that goes through the wall to the outside the other day and give it a new paint job, only to discover that much of the wood has rotted and the flap was dragging and badly worn.  I do not understand how it could have gotten so worn since the kitties have me WELL trained in opening the patio door for them, but there you have it.  I installed that door when Tiny Bear and Nugget were kittens almost 8 years ago.  I think it should have lasted longer than that!  Granted I did make the tunnel and framing myself and didn’t use the best wood.  In any case, the long and short of it is that they have a NEW door on order that comes with a nice metal tunnel and better quality replaceable flaps and magnets.  I’m currently retraining myself NOT to jump every time I see a cat at the patio door.  I only had to stop myself a half dozen times last night.  There’s definitely room for improvement.

One other thing – I recently purchased a new camera.  It’s basically the same as the old one but it will make HD videos and bigger photos.  I’ve been learning to use it, so I have quite a few photos to post.


17 responses to “New kitten arrival estimate + lots of photos

  1. …and what do you do in your spare time, Molly? 🙂

    So excited about the K litter update. …(perhaps too excited)….love all of the pics.

  2. Wow, Molly! I didn’t think it was possible for your pictures to become more magnificent, but they have. We all know you have incredible talent, and that won’t change, so the new camera must be amazing to add so much to your pictures.

  3. so excited for new kitties.

    photos are great. i love the distinct white coloring around gypsy rose’s mouth. have any of the other kitties you raised had similar markings?

    • If you look again, you’ll see that nearly all of the kitties except the white ones have the cute little white nose pads to some degree or another. I agree, they are very cute, esp. on Gypsy Rose because they really stand out. Over the years, we’ve only had 4 brown tabbies like Gypsy Rose, and they have the white nose pads as well.

  4. i am sending good vibes on your retraining effort.. 🙂 (and now the kitties hate me). looking forward to memorial day weekend; if you need ANYTHING – i am very happy (and only slightly desperate) to be a human nanny.

  5. Again and again I will write: NO THE WORLD MORE BEAUTIFUL YOU! I LOVE YOU!!! ALL!!!

  6. Beautiful photos Molly !!! and looking forward very much to the arrival of ‘K’ litter. 😀

  7. Frankie Hallen

    how could you not have beautiful kittens with a handsome Daddy like Simba Kahn. He’s gorgeous!!. Thank you for the photos Molly, & finally, one of you.

  8. Frankie Hallen

    When is your Memorial Day?

  9. As always , absolutely lovely pics. As with everyone else, am looking forward to K litter. Am restraining myself from suggesting any Kute Kitty names because they seldom match your choices for inventiveness, and I don’t want to ‘ scare you off ‘ using them, either!

  10. Thanks for the update Molly. Lovely photos as always. I am looking forward to the next arrival of baby fur bundles along with everyone else. Not long to go now …… eager to see those morning weigh-ins back again. 😀

  11. Hi Molly, do you have already all possible K names in mind? Any suggestion required?

  12. Molly the awww factor is unbelieveable.

  13. Hi Molly,
    Just to say, hope all goes well with Sahara’s birth of the K Litter, the should be lovely like Sahara, do not wish to register, but like to say, how cute the kitties are.


    Barbara Shapland

  14. Suggestions for names of K Litter, Kitten, Kitty, Kitkat, Kylie, Kevin, Karen, Kindy, hope these are useful suggestions, if you are stuck on names, for the little ones.


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