Tiny Bear

Cleaning out the camera … Tiny Bear has been SO beautiful lately.  Not that she isn’t always a beauty.

Sahara is doing great and is enjoying some very nice spring weather this week.

Tiny Bear 7 1/2 years old – mother of 8 litters, now retired Queen Mother:


8 responses to “Tiny Bear

  1. All the pictures beautiful but the first one is especially stunning. Well done TB and Molly too (and KF for NOT intruding!)

  2. TB is such a doll! I didn’t realize she has 8 litters. Many lucky forever homes! And I so happy to hear Sahara is doing well.

    • Tiny Bear was a new breeder’s dream queen … ! Conceived every time, first time, with any male and it was hard to hold her to only 2 litters per year. AND she was minimally psycho when she had kittens so I could leave the nursery open to the other cats almost all the time. She definitely earned her retirement. Now she’s my dedicated lap cat every morning.

      • Wow…I became a Mythicbells ‘groupie’ when Tiny Bear’s last litter was only a few weeks away from their forever homes. She is definitely a class act, as well as being quite beautiful!


  4. Beautiful pictures as always, just love her expressions. 😀 And she looks amazing after 8 litters 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful lady in her ‘retirement’.

  6. Thank you Molly for sharing these pictures, all your residents are beautiful and amazing. I love them all in a special way, wish i could hold them, but the distance is an issue 🙂 (UK) but i send my love and wish them well. TB is a Queen! Beauty Queen!

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