A new painting, photos, a little of this and that …

All is well with me and the kitties.  They keep me busy as usual and with the rain we’ve been having, wiping up muddy feety prints is a large part of my serious responsibility around here.  And, of course, there’s Kalahari with feet the size of a Saint Bernard’s and he loves to come in with wet feet to use the litter boxes.  This is cat herding at its best!  Still no confirmed kittens in the forecast.

I recently finished another painting.  This one is of a Mythicbells Alumni kitten (now adorable adult kitty).  It’s hard to believe she will be TWO this month!  Misha formerly ‘Half Pint’ of the “H” litter, born in April 2010.  It’s acrylic on canvas – 18″ x 14″ and will be hanging on a wall in Misha’s home soon (clicking on the image will bring up a larger image).


Mythicbells Michelle Ma Belle (Misha)

I haven’t been taking a lot of photos lately, and instead have been learning more video editing “stuff” but since my last barrage of photos, these have been collecting (can click on the thumbnail to see a larger version):


16 responses to “A new painting, photos, a little of this and that …

  1. What an adorable picture youve painted. Those Sirocco eyes are just irresistable. What talent to capture the majic. Thank you for sharing and very lucy people to have that staring at them 24/7… (Yet another worthy candidate for front-of-calendar pic…)

  2. Frankie Hallen

    Another beautiful painting. How talented you are. One of the K names could be Kohl for the lovely black rims around their eyes.Mother Natures make up.Is Gypsy Rose a very small kitty under all that fur?

    • Gypsy Rose is one of my largest kitties, actually. She’s 10.5 lbs. I guess that’s not a big kitty, though, since many Persians are 12 – 15. Kalahari is 11.5 lbs which is pretty big for a shaded silver male. Daddy Simba Kahn is only 7 – 8 lbs.

  3. Beautiful picture, Molly. So, I assume that each alumni receives their own Painting By Molly ? 🙂

    @ Frankie, what a great name….Kohl!.

  4. Your painting of Misha is beautiful. I really needed a laugh after what I’ve been through this week, so thank you for your description of Kalahari’s Saint Bernard feet. I literally LOLed! 😀

  5. Talent as Molly can do everything!

  6. Beautiful how I loved little Misha 😀 Wonderful painting and wonderful photos, keep up the good work Molly.:)

  7. Poor misunderstood Saint Bernard Kalahari! But he’s big indeed! Misha’s painting is quite beautiful!

  8. Kalahari is just so….. Kalahari ….. isn’t he! Lol!
    …. and I echo everything everyone else has said regarding the beautiful painting of Misha.

  9. what a beautiful painting! Of course, the subject made it even better.

    Truffle and Brulee

  10. What a beautiful cat Gypsy Rose is Loved the photos of her.Love all your kitties and your painting is a fine one.

  11. Molly you are so talented! I was just watching (linked from another place) an old video of India when she was 5 weeks old. I noticed in later videos she was changing color. Do you happen to have pictures of her as an adult that you could post? I would LOVE to see what the magnificent face grew up to look like.


    • I’m sorry, I haven’t any photos of India as she is now…. about 9 months old, but I have seen a few out of focus shots of her on facebook. She looks a lot like Sahara. Also you can check out her brother, Intrepid… all of the kittens looks very similar: http://www.mythicbells.com/litter110614_I.htm Scroll to the bottom of the page to see Intrepid’s photos in his new home. Very handsome. As you can see the color transformation in the shaded goldens is remarkable.

  12. Opps! Didn’t mean to leave Facebook link. I mean to leave a link to the video I was talking about (I shared it on facebook with someone else, thus I shared the wrong link with you.) anway it was this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIMvntC6pBc&feature=fvwrel

  13. Molly, Thank you so much for taking the time to find that link. Intrepid is MAJESTIC!! There is just no other word for him. I do wish India’s mommy &/or Daddy would share a photo (maybe they will read the comments). The transformation of their color is something to see! Every time a new litter is born I always think “no this one is the most beautiful.” I just cant ever than you enough for taking the time to share those magnificent creatures with us via the blog & youtube.

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