Gypsy Rose and her tapestry

Lest you think that it was a simple matter to get Gypsy Rose to pose for this … ummm … NOT!  But I have my ways.  I’m both honored and a bit incredulous that my kitties are celebrities – lol.  Not that I don’t think they are celebrity material.


11 responses to “Gypsy Rose and her tapestry

  1. Well done GR and Molly. Now GR, YOUR next task is to get Molly to pose by her picture? Do you think you can try? Its not easy getting Molly in **FRONT ** of the camera, you know… even if you and the rest of the family **TRY** and show her how its done…

  2. Olga will be happy, I guess!

  3. Frankie Hallen

    Gosh, that must have taken some persuasion, how clever, & beautiful.

  4. Beautiful. I’m trying to get nice pictures of Truffle and Brulee, but they are still kittens and don’t sit still too long.

  5. Don’t know why it reverted to my personal screen name (pagregg26). I thought I had it set for the kitten’s blog.

  6. This can only a spiritually rich lady like you, dear Molly!
    I am very happy with all of you, Molly!
    Thanks again, our Molly!

  7. Beautiful Molly 🙂

  8. That’s awesome! How did you get Gypsy Rose to pose?

  9. She has got that ‘Molly has made me sit here’ look on her face, Lol!
    I’m sure that’s not the case though and it was some very clever scheme you devised.

  10. She is just sooo beautiful Molly!!! Terrific pose.

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