New painting, no kitten news ….

I’m now thinking (hoping?) kittens for June, but none are on the way yet.  In the mean time, I have to keep occupied with SOMETHING … so, here’s the latest creation.  It’s a large canvas (24″ x 36″) that had been sitting in the garage for several years with a painting half done on it… this time the paints I used were acrylics which are faster drying and the brushes are easier to clean:



14 responses to “New painting, no kitten news ….

  1. Oh wow, that’s lovely……where are you going to put it ?

  2. Beautiful, Molly. Again, I’m envious of people with artistic talent.

  3. Well done!!! You have captured Sequoia in her way of looking and beautiful colours, keep painting! you are great at it.

  4. Very beautiful picture, Molly – thanks for sharing (as always)

    Was this a painted picture to which you added sequoia, or was it a blank canvas in the garden (untouched except by the roving Kalarhartist?)


    • Bobin, this is a painting of the photo I used for the cover of the 2011 Mythicbells calendar. It’s a particularly nice photo of Sequoia. I made a few changes and added a few things (i.e. flowers, grass, etc.) to make the painting work a bit better. Here’s the photo — I’m sure I didn’t do it justice:

      • Molly…I think you captured Sequoia beautifully. As others have said, I envy people like you who have artistic talent. My niece and nephew laugh at my horrible attempts to draw anything…lol.

        Bobin…’Kalarhartist’ is hilarious! Seeing your new word gave me a much-needed chuckle. 😀

  5. CheyenneIndienne

    Molly, you find and capture the beautiful expression of the eyes and expressive rascal Sequoia “beautiful” in his garden. This is a real beauty! And you Molly, a great talented artist, What a beautiful picture of your girl ! Kisses at all

  6. Love the picture Molly 😀

  7. Dear Molly,
    Again, I admire your talent! Sequoia’s eyes are as alive!

    I asked you if you have time to take a snapshot of Gypsy Rose, who is sitting next to the monitor of your computer and view pictures of my tapestry. I want her opinion! Please for this! Thank you!

    • Yes I know that you would like to see a photo of GR admiring the tapestry. Of course she loves it. She told me so herself. But as we all know ‘our’ Gypsy Rose is a lady with her own mind so getting her to pose for photo is another matter. We’ll see …

  8. How I envy your talent, Molly. (Of course, you do have wonderful subjects to work with! 🙂

  9. Dear Molly,
    Thanks for your reply!
    We are very happy for words of Gypsy Rose and wait for the photo! This photo will be placed in a huge frame! We kiss Lady Gypsy Rose on her nose, eyes, whiskers, arms, legs and tail.
    Hugs to you all!

  10. Wonderful painting! by an amazing artist! How do you find time?

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