Homage to Gypsy Rose

Olga and her family from Bulgaria have long been in love with Gypsy Rose.   They aren’t the only ones.  Gypsy Rose has quite a following.  But Olga carried it one step further and has made a tapestry of her.  A ‘gobelin.’  Don’t feel bad, I had to Google it too.  It’s really quite beautiful, and I would like to share it here.  No, I don’t have it (lol).  It will hang on Olga’s wall.  I’ve asked Olga to write and tell us how big it is.

A wonderful piece of work!  It captures Gypsy Rose very nicely:


22 responses to “Homage to Gypsy Rose

  1. My Goodness! What a Beautiful Tapestry Olga! You have truly captured Gypsy Rose in a beautiful piece. Wow! Just Wow!

  2. That right there is some kind of talent!

  3. That tapestry is almost as beautiful as GR herself. What a wonderful talent you have Olga!

  4. Indeed,it is very beautiful and looks exactly like the perception we have of her: a truly giant cat,but a good one, the perfect embodiment of power and cuteness entwined together in order to make an unique being.

  5. Awesome tapestry 🙂

  6. A truely beautiful tapestry and it captures GR as she really looks. It is just another example of how KittyCam has touched everyone around the world. Thanks for sharing Olga.

  7. Echo what everyone has said. Wonderful work, Olga. You have captured GR superbly. I vote for Nugget next, please? Bobin.

  8. teriandthecatsoffurrydance

    OMC! That is one lovely work of art…both the tapestry and the cat!

  9. That’s beautiful! It looks like counted cross stitch. Olga captured Gypsy Rose perfectly! 😀

  10. Absolutely exquisite!

  11. that is quite an amazing feat – to have captured her likeness so beautifully… all that work, all that shading… i’m in AWE of the skill involved.

  12. Just Beautiful !!! Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

  13. Dear Madam Molly,
    I am writing this letter with tears! Tears of joy, love and gratitude to you and your friends blog. I sincerely thank you for the nice words that direct any to me. Thank you with all my heart! It is so exciting your recognition! I do not speak fluent English and use translators who sometimes makes mistakes and please excuse me! But feelings and love for all of you there is no mistake!
    The size of the tapestry “The Queen of the Universe Gypsy Rose” in centimeters is 28/35 or inch 11/14. We buy the most beautiful frame for it!
    In the previous letter had the following request: Can you put a picture tapestry on the monitor of your computer and it can stand Gypsy Rose to see how my work seen. And if you can take a snapshot picture of what looks like tapestry stands to monitor. For us it is very important that she likes tapestry!!!???
    Thank you very much for your attention and ratings!
    Please accept our greetings and a great love!
    Kiss all your cats!
    Sincerely Olga Mahri – Europe, Bulgaria

  14. Molly, thank you so much for sharing! For Olga: This tapestry is fabulously beautiful, you have captured Gypsy Rose in all her magnificence!!

  15. That is truly beautiful…. how talented you are Olga. It’s obvious from the many comments you make on Molly’s blogs that you are a very dedicated follower of Mythicbells and this tapestry of Gypsy Rose shows, not only the skill but how much love and passion you have put into it.

  16. How beautiful it is. I am speechless. congratulations to Olga for her wonderful work. Gypsy rose is a very lucky lady to have such an admirer.

  17. I want to thank the wonderful individual assessments:

    Mrs. Molly,
    Auntie JAFO,

    We are all united by a love for the beauty of cats under his care Mrs. Molly!

    Thank you dear people!

    I wish you health!

    Olga Mahri

  18. beautyofsweden

    Olga, the Gobelin amazing! Your love for Gypsy Rose is in every stitch and the she look as noble as one of the lionstatues garding the Castle in Budapest.
    It makes me warm in my heart that you also wrote to Molly about letting Gyspy Rose see this in a virtual gallery-way.
    Mythicbells kitties have great impact all over the world!

  19. To beautyofsweden:
    Thanks so much for the beautiful and sincere words! We worship Gypsy Rose and enjoy the care of Madame Molly!

  20. What a beautiful piece of art. Oh, how I envy your talent. A lovely ode to a lovely animal. Thank you for shring.

  21. Olga, your portrait of the dear Gipsy Rose (she is my preferred as well) is wonderful; you just perfectly caught her green eyes and the lovely white spots on her nose. I could be really happy if I could do something as beautiful!
    Thank you!

  22. TO Frankie Hallen and Maureen:
    Thanks so much for the beautiful and sincere words!

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