75% chance of kittens for April…

Sahara has put on a little weight, but I’m not ready to fully commit yet.  Still, in anticipation, while some people knit little booties and things of that nature, I invent things.

FIRST — here’s my problem (demo by Einstein from the “E” litter):


When the babies are about 5 – 6 weeks old they venture out of the nursery where they need to have access to kitten friendly litter boxes.  As you can see from the video above, it’s a bit touch and go!  If I put out low-sided boxes, the big cats make a huge mess.  Previously I’ve cut lower entries or used commercial boxes such as the one in this video, but it’s even a bit high for the tiny kittens.  I use ramps on the outside and put more litter on the inside which helps, but in the past couple of years I changed to all storage boxes and have cut the openings another inch higher above the floor.   The last three litters have gotten by with a piece of sisal stapled to a chunk of wood hung over the opening for the kittens to climb, but you can’t wash the sisal and the wood gets all gunked up.  SO, we now have the Kitten Stile!  Here it is.  Do you think it will work??  I’m not sure.  They will climb it, but might fall on their little heads on the other side, so high litter level inside and a ramp on the outside are likely going to be a ‘must.’  But then it only needs to work for a week or two.  By the time they are 7 – 8 weeks old they are leaping in and out of everything.

It’s made of canvas so little claws won’t unravel it, but can climb it and it can be removed and washed. The wire is heavy gauge, 36″ long, and then bent in the form of a huge clip.  I can hear Auntie JAFO heaving a great sigh of relief that she wasn’t dragged into THIS one (LOL).

Wire clip and removable sheet of canvas with Velcro fasteners

Wire clip with the canvas wrapped around it.

Kitten stile on a litter box with optional ramp

Kitten stile from the inside of the litter box

Kitten stile without the ramp


22 responses to “75% chance of kittens for April…

  1. I think its a marvellous idea – prefereably combined with a ramp.
    As always, the proof of the pudding is in the leaping, so to speak…

  2. OMG! You got me this time Molly! I laughed right out loud and I cannot tell you how desperately I needed that! Are ya sure it doesn’t need to be personalized with Mythicbells Persians? You’re sure, right? Cause I do see zig-zaggin in Purple there. I have the thread ya know……. ^5 GF Love it!

    • LOL JAFO! Now I’m laughing. … and you just say the words, GF and I’ll send you the dimensions… you can Personalize it up to your little heart’s content. I need to make 5 more. This is just the prototype. I used fuse-able Velcro and I’m not sure that’s going to hold worth beans.

      • Auntie JAFO

        I’d just love to BS2 BUT I’m currently working on the “wife beater” shirt for Simba Kahn. Trying to bring a special smile for Treppy’s Mom! I have a little stuffed buffalo as my “model” although I think he’s just a little bit bigger than SK…. I’ll post pics! How’s that? Hugs! BS1

      • Oh, I can’t wait to see it! … and I have no idea what you are talking about – lol – but I know it will be adorable. and Teppy’s Mom really needs a smile right now.

  3. Wow !!!! First I thought you were thinking of a trampoline type of ramp, but perhaps that would be a little too much for the babies at first – but after that they might enjoy it. lol.
    Joking aside Molly – I recon it will work , if it does work I am sure it will give ideas for other’s in the future.

  4. Well, that’s a fun-tastic way to help kitties which need to reach the litters. Future kittens will gladly explore the new stuff, enjoying every moment of that climbing up and down. But I suppose the big ones will be jealous(expecially Kalahari and Sequoia which are the ‘little ones of the family’ always in charge of the title) so you will have to make something special for them too. Since you are a very clever woman I am sure you will figure out a new trick/ handmaded toy to make even the bigger ones happy,too.

  5. i think 75% it will work, and…
    you’re KILLIN’ me. 🙂

  6. Kitty trampolines?? LOL I love the image, Maggie.

    Molly….75% chance? OMG….booking flights.

  7. If you made the triangle of wire longer on the bottom, it could *be* the ramp for the inside part, at some risk of being pushed around by the big cats.

  8. Hi Molly,
    I was thinking ramp too.
    I did find something for my lil Gingy who had a hernia of all his organs the length of his tummy and down the inner thigh. I got I believe it is the hamster box. It is 7 inches on one side, 4 inches on two sides and maybe 2 inches in the front. His lil 2.2lb body with his stitches and t-shirt on was able to do his business no problem. I belive they are 14×14 square. Good luck. I also used corn so we were able to wash him up if he got all breaded up. Thanks

  9. Muscle shirts or wife beaters can be made using a white diabetic sock. My Gingy had to wear one for 3 months/3 surgeries.

  10. Molly…do the wheels in your brain ever stop turning? 😀

    • Never! … it’s exhausting 😀

      • 😀 Btw…this video was before I ‘discovered’ you, and even though I keep saying I’m going to start at the beginning and watch them all, it hasn’t happened yet. Einstein was SOOOO cute in this with his little dangling feet…I must have watched it 5 or 6 times already!

  11. Molly, your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me and I can’t wait to see Auntie JAFO’s personalized design decorating it……. and I had no idea what a ‘ wife beater shirt ‘ was either. 😀

  12. That video was adorable! I found your blog through one of the Cat Bloggers and wanted to visit because I have two little silver shaded Persians, Truffle and Brulee. Truffle’s parents are both silvers, but Brulee’s mother is a golden. I look forward to following your blog.

  13. This is such a cute idea! Very clever. And I love the ramp as well.

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