Slight chance of kittens in the forecast

Spring is in the air!  Sahara has been in heat so we MIGHT expect kittens in late April.  I say MIGHT!!  Remember she didn’t get PG on her first heat last year, so we will just have to wait and see.  She’s completely recovered from her dental surgery, though that seemed to phase her very little.

The other kitties are doing very well and managing to live without their Fancy Feast.  I did give them a can this week as a treat which was the first in a month or so.  Opening a can around my poor deprived kitties is currently a frightening experience due to the possibility of my getting trampled by the feline clowder as soon as they hear it.  I think cats are born knowing the sound of a can opening

The all raw diet is agreeing with Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn very nicely, so I remain hopeful on that little project.  At this point my primary hope is that I can keep up with The Plan as it is a bit expensive and also takes more of my time.  Which kinda sorta segues into my next topic.  Many of you may have noticed that commercial ads have popped up on my YouTube videos.  For that I do apologize and I appreciate that no one has complained about it.  I’ve had invitations from YouTube to “monitize” my videos for a couple of years but have resisted the idea.  Last month I reluctantly decided to give it a try and it does look as if it might help offset some of the cat food expense.  SO, I thank you for your patience.  I *think* you can avoid the ads, at least until YouTube and Google figure it out, by watching the vids on your phones or through FaceBook.

I’ve ordered a nice frame for the Sahara painting and hope to start another one soon, and that’s it for the news more or less.

One tiny moment for my soap box: Feline health and nutrition.  For those interested you might check out this website for holistic health videos and tips by Dr. Karen Becker.  I like her article “Maybe now more cat parents will make the switch from dry food.”  I am not particularly behind the ‘holistic/homeopathy’ movement in pet health care.  I consider about 99% of it hype to sell you one product or another, and I remain just a bit skeptical of the push for the products sold n this website, but I do like the Doctor’s basic premise on feline nutrition, so it’s worth a quick look if nothing else.

Last, but not least … the weather was SO fabulous yesterday that I managed a mini photo shoot outside:


16 responses to “Slight chance of kittens in the forecast

  1. Thanks – as ever – for the news and info and of course beautiful pics of the kitties…

    I will try and watch via FB where I can – wondered why ads had started appearing but thought it was a YToob initiative…

    Glad feeding, watering and trimming is going OK…
    C’mon Sahara and SK – get your act together…please?

    THEN we can start speCATulating on whow many kitties, and of which genders, and of course K-NAMES!

    Thanks Molly

  2. Bobin has said it well. We all will look forward and hope for the pitterpadder of little kitten feet. Understand about the ads and hope it will help keep the kitties with their healty diet. Let us know when Sahara lets you know she is PG.


  3. BEAUTY!

  4. Fingers,toes and paws (daisy paws) crossed for what bobin said 😀 Beautiful photos as always Molly, and look forward to your next painting.

  5. well, kittens would be great but I enjoyed the Resident Kitties pics as well.

  6. Thanks for the update and pictures Molly. To be honest with you, I don’t really have a great problem with adverts on You Tube. I feel it’s a small price to pay to be able to view those lovely videos from Mythicbells and if it’s helping you, all the better.
    I’m keeping everything crossed for Sahara and Simba Kahn. Just as long as you keep us updated so I can keep my diary free to enable me to sit and watch the kittycam and videos all day, lol!

  7. Hi Molly. The ads are not bothersome to me. It’s a small price to pay to see the beautiful kittens. Thanks for the article on nutrition also. The announcement of the possibility of new kittens is always bittersweet for me because it’s sooooooo hard to keep my name off the waiting list. Len

  8. Hi Molly! Beautiful pictures, as always. I’m glad you decided to monetize your videos on YouTube. The ads are short and not a big deal. You put so much time into the things you do for ‘us,’ like YouTube, Facebook, and the Blog and it’s only right and fair that if you can get some money to use for the kitties or for something for yourself you should. 😀

  9. Another ditto what Mindy said!

  10. A third ditto drom me!

  11. I haven’t been seeing the ads recently. Did you decide against monetizing your videos?

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