Painting of Sahara finished!

The days drift by as we wait for kittens and whatever comes next.  Many of you know that I’ve started dabbling back into painting.  First the furniture piece then a *real* painting.  Other than a few odd pieces here and there, I haven’t created a serious painting since around 2006.  This painting is 24″ x 30″ oil on canvas.  I paint with water based oils (I know.  Amateur!).  I work from a photo, or sometimes several photos which I bring together in Photoshop to create a sketch.  I then print out the sketch and project it onto to the canvas with a projector so that I can transfer guide lines …. and you probably thought I painted all this by eye.  Nope!  I cheat in every possible way.  What, if anything is next?  I don’t know yet.

Here it is.  It surprised me by turning out better than I expected.   It is truly impossible to give a beauty like Sahara justice, one can only try.



18 responses to “Painting of Sahara finished!

  1. Wonderful pic Molly. I believe even Michalangelo did sketches before he painted things ‘for real’ so you are in good company, even if you use modern technology to do it.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing with us…

  2. It’s beautiful, Molly! I especially like it when I click on it, to enlarge it. That way I can see all the brush strokes better, which makes it even more beautiful to look at.

    And there is nothing wrong with “cheating.” If the masters had computers way back when, I’m sure they would be making use of PS too, lol!!

  3. Thanks, guys! There are probably a lot of us who wouldn’t be able to manage w/o some ‘cheating’ … when a good friend of mine, also an artist, told me that the masters had their tricks, I decided to embrace the concept 😀

  4. BEAUTIFUL MOLLY! You captured Sahara’s physical beauty as well as here beautiful nature. I LOVE it!! Great painting!! You continually amaze me with your talent :o)

  5. Very Very nice! TFS.

  6. Molly, The picture is beautiful. I’m so happy to see you painting again!!! It’s what you were doing when we first met!

  7. Stunning. wow.
    Do the water based oils smell? Is water your thinner? Allergies prevent me from using oils. Yes, lots of allergies.
    You really captured Sahara’s likeness. Marvelous.

    • Thank you, Roberta. The water based oils have a very light odor… I’d call them odorless, but that might be going too far. I’ve never worked in true oils, but one of my friends who is an artist and also has migraines and he tells me the odor of oils can be deadly. Plus I hate clean up. The water based will thin with water, but they make a water mixable oil that works better. I find that the brushes are more difficult to get clean with water than with acrylic paints – so the oil is still gooey and it also takes much longer to dry than acrylics which has its good points and bad.

  8. What a beautiful painting, it shows Sahara’s true colours on Canvas. Well done and thank you for sharing with us. 😀

  9. Hello, I am an artist and you appreciate excellent, wonderful, amazing! Excellent talent! Please draw a Gypsy Rose and all the others! Health and success!

  10. A truly beautiful painting of a truly beautiful Sahara, and it doesn’t matter how you achieved it, you have shown what a talent you have. I particularly love the way you have captured Sahara’s thoughtful look.

  11. that’s really special Molly.

    i also see matisse’s sweet little face there, too (ouch, but a good ouch).

  12. Beautiful painting, Molly. With all of the time you spend taking such great care of your kids, I don’t know how you have the time!

  13. Really nice pic of “Mommy” — you should put on next year’s calendar somehow, maybe the cover?

  14. The painting is lovely. And now you can expect requests of paintings of the others. I know we already have some previously done. time to pick-up where you left off and get crackin’.
    PS- Happy Valentine’s Day to you !!!

  15. Gwen AKA Supagme

    I am terribly late in my comment. You did a wonderfull job with the painting. How do get the hair to look like fur with paint? Also what is PS. Keep up the good work Molly. Supagme

  16. Hi Gwen (aka Supagme) — I think PS (ref: post from Godmother) means “Post Script” in that context, in other words, it’s an additional note you might add after you’ve finished your letter. The truth is that i don’t really know how you get fur to look like fur in paint – lol – like anything else, I guess — light, shadows, shading, shapes…

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