In progress of The Project …

I’ve been wanting to write a great blog post for weeks.  How I’m doing.  How the kitties are doing.  What’s going on.  Basically we are all just fine, the kitties and I, and nothing much is going on — except that I’ve been having a hard time holding two thoughts together at the same time in the same place — a condition which is not conducive to writing.

It’s starting to warm up here just a bit so my hands don’t freeze while I paint, so I’ve been making baby progress steps on my project in the garage.  I find that I’m not too far from spraying on the varnish!!  WOW!  Almost done.  The drawers, doors, and front designs are done, and I just finished one side and have a good start on the other.  The side you’ll see below is the finished side and it’s kind of a massive spider doodle.  The other side is similar.  I’m not ecstatic about the side designs, but I’m not unhappy either.  By the time I chase Koi Koi past it the gazillionth time, I’ll hardly notice it at all:

Anyway, here it is:

Finished side design with drawers in the background

Again with the doors and table slab on to see how it looks


12 responses to “In progress of The Project …

  1. Molly, I love it !! And I am sure Koi Koi will also. LOL !!! Glad you have some time to relax (well just a little) and enjoy some painting which I know you enjoy – keep up the good work.

  2. I think it looks great, Molly. I can’t wait to see the finished product! You are amazingly talented! 😀

  3. Molly! You read my mind. This morning I was wondering if I
    had missed the Big Reveal of THE PROJECT. Thank you
    for the update. It looks spectacular !!

  4. Agree with comments from Both Maggie AND bea! Is that a record?

  5. I like the spider design thingie! It all looks great. I was looking at some of your old videos a week or so ago and noticed the desk. I thought how much different and vibrant that space is going to look after this make-over.

    Are you going to paint the design on the cabinet between the drawers, so it looks like one solid picture?.

    • I debated that issue, Rae – the spaces between the drawers – then decided to not paint it and leave the sea creature segmented. It will be like someone said on Kitty Cam: “he will be decapitated every time I open the top drawer.” 😀 Of course I COULD change my mind if I live with it for a while and it bothers me….

  6. It’s coming on a treat Molly. I do admire people like you who are so talented at this sort of thing. There’s me who is still trying to work up the enthusiasm to assemble a computer work station that I’ve had sitting in pieces for weeks.

    • Really Griza,
      If the computer’s so bloody clever, why can’t it do such a ‘simple’ thing itself, without bleating to you for help?

      Bobn (who wouldn’t even THINK of attempting such a task in the first place).

      • Yes Bobin. My excuse is, I’ve been waiting for the weather to turn bad when I can’t get out and going ‘stir crazy’, but that hasn’t happened so far this winter.

  7. Wow Molly! It’s beautiful! I really like the design on the sides – may I request a close-up photo someday, so that I can peek at the details?

    You are inspiring me to get off my butt and paint a mural on a dresser that I’ve been meaning to get to for the last several months. I dont know why I put that kind of thing off, because once I’m in the midst of such projects, I really enjoy myself while I’m doing them.

    • I’m the same way, Kelly. Yes. I’ll take a close up of the sides when I’m done … Working on the other side now I’m running out of ideas for squiggles, shapes, dots, *stuff* to fill all that real estate….

  8. Wow, Molly that spinder thing is groove, first I tilted my head 90 degree and my first thoughts was “blue star in deep space”, then “nerve cell” and last “I want to see the other side”!
    Love the small flowers on the red border and the mix of small and big decors.
    Your rockingchair have some flowers aswell?
    Any cat fancy open the drawers? Kalahari maybe?

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