The “J” Litter (Jitterbug) photos are posted to SmugMug

It just occurred to me this morning that I had not yet created a gallery for the “J” litter on SmugMug — so here it is — 200+ photos of Jitterbug’s journey from birth to adoption: Jitterbug’s gallery


6 responses to “The “J” Litter (Jitterbug) photos are posted to SmugMug

  1. WHAT a feast! Thanks SO much. Beautiful to see how she develops markings just like her mom’s…

  2. ‘Amazing little Jitterbug’ Beautiful just like her mum, we all will miss her, I am sure you Molly most of all, thankyou for the wonderful weeks and photos, and videos of her and showing us how she developed into what she is now and I do hope she has a wonderful life with her new family. Please keep us uptodate with her progress. Thanks as always. Maggie

  3. Eva Maria Lenkei

    Thank you much! Is beautiful Jitterbug, her Mom Koi Koi and You with your lowe with kittens! Today I see in cam Koi Koi and Kalahari together jump-jump and is beautiful friendship! Merry Christmas for you and your little babies!! Jitterbug is beautiful with new mom!

  4. Hi Molly,

    Thank you so much for the pictures. She is just beautiful; just like her Mother.

  5. Amazing,wonderful!!!
    Dear Madam, Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Jojoba and remarkable clip of Gypsy Rose. It is unique, so is the queen of the Universe. Every day for hours watching my favorite Gypsy Rose! Please make a movie and pictures of my other favorite Nyuget cat-she is so gentle and sweet to me! Accept my greetings and gratitude!

  6. Molly, thanks so much for posting such a lovely gallery of pictures. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I’m pleased that you have included a picture of Jitterbug with Tiny Bear, she was so good taking care of the new born baby for Sequoia.

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