Oops – drawer pic added back in…

This is what I mean about “doing nothing taking up so much time” … I didn’t want the drawer pic in the cat gallery so deleted it.  Naturally I could still see it in the post but it wasn’t there?  I don’t know why.  In the mean time, I’m trying to print out one simple little thing, but because of a couple of power outages last night (I assume) my printer is no longer talking to my computer.  In the mean time Koi Koi is perched on the bathroom sink calling for me to come turn on the faucet…. all of the usual chores are currently all over the living room awaiting my attention – lol.  It’s a good thing I’m retired!


9 responses to “Oops – drawer pic added back in…

  1. LOL ! For once I thought I had finally solved my computer problem
    of seeing the photo and lo and behold you had added it while I
    was “solving” ! Thank you Molly ! ( I shudda taken computer
    lessons the senior center offers) : D

  2. I thought it was just me


  3. Printer problems.
    Try turning printer off ie shutting it down then powering it off
    Then reboot computer
    Then power printer on. That MAY help
    Otherwise check leads carefully between computer and printer to ensure it really is connected (all the way)
    OPTION 3
    If above don’t work you will know that you shouldnt have listened to Bobin’s advice!

  4. If in doubt, hit it with a tire iron. :0

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