Empty nest?

I think a ‘transition’ post is WAY over due.  It’s interesting how very invested people all over the world were in our little Jitterbug, now Jujuba, who went to her new home this past Saturday.  Many have gone into mourning, feel at loose ends, don’t know what to do with themselves, find themselves wandering around aimlessly….  To make matters worse, our little ‘singleton’ followed closely on the heels of the adorable “I” litter which combined to gave you all (and me) SIX SOLID MONTHS OF KITTENS!  So, if you feel empty and out of sorts, rest assured you are not alone!

I’m asked again and again how I’m doing.  Has it been more difficult for me to let Jujuba go since she was an ‘only’ kitten?   Jitterbug may have been a bit more difficult for me to “let go” but it’s not a quantifiable thing.  I’m fortunate in that my kittens have always been spoken for at very early ages so, as they are growing up, I’m constantly thinking of the families and how excited they will be.  I find myself consciously, and possibly unconsciously, gearing my videos to instruct on care and how to play with the little ones.  I’m thinking “won’t they love seeing their kitten doing THIS!”  Consequently, I am not thinking of the kitten as mine, which helps.  I admit that I can be a bit crazy until I know the kitten is settling in well and it’s very important to me that I hear about how special this kitten is to the new family.  Some families give me minimal feed back only when I nag them, but most are wonderful about letting me know how things are going, and of course that’s why they are the happy new owners of a Mythicbells kitten!  Jujuba’s family has kept me informed and I believe that this little kitten is going to add an element of magic to their lives.  She’s doing SO well and has already met her new veterinarian and passed muster with flying colors and lots of attention.

As you can see, she’s off to a rough start.  This photo was taken the day after she arrived at her new home:

The next question I’m getting frequently is “how is Sequoia doing?”  The mother-daughter pair — Sequoia ‘power washing’ her little baby — captured the hearts of so many.  I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t worried about this — OH WAIT!  I did lie… I refuse to allow people to get all maudlin about this, so when folks pop into KittyCam or email with this question, I lie like a rug.  But, yes, I do think about these things.  In general, the mother cats in my experience don’t seem to miss their kittens at all.  I’ve been watching Sequoia and she seems fine.  Is it my imagination that she’s a tiny bit more demanding than usual?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  She’s always been a talkative, punky little cat.  Overall, I think she’s doing quite well and is NOT breaking my heart by mewing about looking for her kitten – WHEW!  She IS being something of a pest, however, wanting to play ‘fetch’ all of the time, or telling me to turn on the bathroom faucet so she can play in the water and run my water bill up.


As for me and all of the rest of the kitties….

I’ve been very busy with projects — decluttering the house and garage, grooming, cleaning, doing nothing.  It’s amazing how time consuming doing nothing can be.  I have, however, finished the drawers on the furniture painting project and am now back out in the garage when it’s warm enough to finish the rest of the project.

The 3 drawer design finished

The rest of the gang in order of seniority:

Nugget is doing fine.  Still neurotic.  Tiny Bear was sick recently which had me worried.  It’s not uncommon for kitties to catch a little ‘bug’ now and then that causes vomiting and/or diarrhea and sometimes lack of appetite and I assume this is what she had.  Usually I end up at the vet just before they start to get better.  Nothing like pouring a little (sometimes a lot) of money on a situation to make it miraculously go away.  But this time she started to get better before I made the vet appointment.  Still, it was about a four day illness.  Next in line is Gypsy Rose who is MegaFluff queen again this winter.  Then comes Simba Kahn.  I keep swearing I’m going to give him a bath soon, but I haven’t worked up the courage.  He’s been allowed to sleep on my bed at night recently and I think he loves that.  Sahara is working on her winter coat, but is not as fluffy as the others.  I DID give her a bath last month and THAT was an adventure.  We both survived.  Sirocco and Kalahari are doing well also.  Have I missed anyone?  I’ve chosen relatively recent photos of each at random:

10 responses to “Empty nest?

  1. Beautiful kitties.

    Thanks for the update!

    The drawer picture won’t load for me. Is there another pic posted elsewhere? Otherwise, I can wait.


    • Im not sure there IS a ‘drawer-picture’ in THIS blog post (which might account for why it wont load!) Plenty in previous blog-posts, though…

  2. Thanks Molly, as always, for wonderfully informative post (all the questions we would have asked, answered, and a lot more besides).

    The Adult pics are as usuall beautiful (the pics and their subjects I mean)

    We are all following JuJuBa in her new home and am sure she will soon be the Mistress of all the inhabitants, both human and canine.

    Of all the pics there, I like GR and the red basket the best – I’m sure SOMEONE is in the red basket and GR is wondering ‘room for me too as well?’. Nothing like a good old live-kitty-rug for GR!

    Thanks again for update and try and take a bit of a recovery time, Molly.

  3. Thanks Molly. The drawer and the whole secretary are going to be so gorgeous when done. I don’t have to see it to know that!

    I don’t often say this to other women, but… Nice drawers! 😀

  4. Thanks Molly! We all miss JB, and surely i am one of those folk that does more than you realise, but she I am sure will have a wonderful life in her forever home, I think she will miss all the other kitties who were around her – I hope she will find lots of playful things to keep her company as well as the love from her new family 😀
    Wonderful pics as always from your furry family, and the Bureau is looking grand. Well Done !!!.

  5. Thank you, as always, for the update and pictures, Molly. I definitely miss the Buglet, but it’s wonderful that her new mommy is staying in touch.

    Molly…the drawers are coming out beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    All of the kitties are adorable, as always. I’m glad Tiny Bear is feeling better! I’m sure they miss the Buglet in their own kitty ways…I know I do.


  6. I love you all!

  7. So glad to hear about JuJuBa and KoiKoi – that’s all I wanted to hear. I do like your attitude to the growing kittens, passing on via the videos to the new parents as much of your experience as you can. I’m sure, as a result, both kitties and people learn a lot about care, play, love and life!

  8. Thank you for the update and pictures Molly. I’m not at all surprised that little Jujuba gathered so much interest and following. You make it quite adictive with all the videos and the webcam, not forgetting the blogs and I know we are all very grateful. I felt an empty void upon me on Saturday when Jujuba left so I’m sure you must feel it ten times over. I thought it was lovely when you brought her over to the camera and waved goodbye with her lttle paw. I know she’s going to be very happy in her forever home because that’s what Mythicbells kitties are guaranteed.
    Good to hear that the rest of the gang are doing well and that Tiny Bear is better now.

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