A little more progress …

I decided to bring the drawers of the bureau/secretary inside to paint since the weather has been cold and rainy and the garage dreary.  I actually have this in front of KittyCam part time, but I’m not sure how much you can see.  The kitties are certainly curious and, as predicted, Kalahari is downright destructive, but I think I have it out of reach?  Famous last words.  The drawers are stacked on a little rolling thingy I have.  It’s going to make a heck of a clatter if the cats topple it over.  Anyway here it is so far.  As usual I’m kind of making it up as I go and it’s becoming something entirely different than my first hazy concept.  There’s been some conjecture as to whether it’s a sea horse or a sea dragon or something else entirely:


14 responses to “A little more progress …

  1. Thought dragon immediately, but missed the “sea” part. Beautiful!

  2. Which ever it is … individual choice… it is beautiful… Great job Molly.

  3. Very nice! I’m voting seahorse, BTW.

  4. Thanks, I thought maybe you where redo the lino. Missed it when you did that. 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. From the images online, your creature looks closer to a sea horse, at least right now.

  6. I think it looks like a seahorse, too. I’m just so amazed by your creativity and talent, Molly! 😀

  7. Seeing a clearer pic of it now, I’m voting for the sea dragon idea. It seems like you could add the leafy parts without having to redo the whole thing.

    At any rate, it looks like it’s going to turn out fantastic.

  8. Looks Great Molly, I popped into Kittycam and there it was.
    Loved the piece about Kalahari is downright destructive 😀 typical male kittie and still very kittenish I am sure at times.

  9. Its marvelloys, Molly. Thanks for the post and the very clear picture.

    I saw KoiKoi wondering around the top ledge, eyeing it, and speculating about a ‘geret leap forward’ which luckily she decided against.

    Bet the ‘Buglet’ would love to get in on and into it.
    Many thanks for letting is share in its creation. Bobin.

  10. Wonderful!!!

  11. It looks great Molly. Sea horse or dragon, I just love the way he’s going to get decapitated each time the drawers are opened, lol!

  12. Looks terrific, Molly. I am voting for a sea dragon with a benevolent nature. Thank you for sharing.

  13. popponessetbandit

    Very creative, Molly!! Reminds me of the horses in the play, “War Horse”. With a little fantasy added in. Can’t wait to see the finished secretary!

  14. Very cool!

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