A few more Jitterbug photos

Jitterbug is 11 weeks old today!  I gave her a bath yesterday and managed a few photos before she waded back into her food:


9 responses to “A few more Jitterbug photos

  1. Pretty darned cute!!!!!

  2. Such an adorable girl! Love the shot of her with the toy in her mouth. ♪

  3. Beautiful Molly !! 😀 and thank you for my (((hug))).

  4. Buglet has inherited all her mother’s charm and beauty…

  5. Young Queen of California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. A chocolate box beauty if ever there was one! 😀

  7. beshapland@virginmedia.com
    I regularly look at the videos of your pussy cats and they look loved and happy, it relaxes me to look at such loyal and loving cats, keep up the excellent work Molly.

    Kind Regards

    Barbara Shapland

  8. beshapland@virginmedia.com

    I do not want to subscribe to these, I only wanted to say how lovely the cats are.
    This was only a nice message of how good the videos are of the pussies and how well they are looked after.
    Kind Regards
    Barbara Shapland

  9. The Buglet is SO precious!

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