New Jitterbug photos

It’s becoming nearly impossible to catch still photos of this little kitten unless she’s sleeping…. here are a few of the latest.  The photos inside with “Donnio” in the file name were taken by a photographer friend of mine, donnio.  (sorry about the uppercase “D” in the file names, donnio, but I needed to separate the words somehow).  I really shouldn’t put donnio’s photos in the same batch as mine — her snazzy camera makes mine look dull.  The reality of Jujuba’s coloring, though, is probably somewhere in between.  I think donnio’s camera has a ‘brighter’ outlook on life and enhances things a tad.

Oh, and BTW, anyone using WordPress for blogging (Bobin?) — I logged in today to find the interface all changed.  It took me 45 minutes to figure out how to even make a new post and I almost didn’t find the “dashboard” for customizing the blog at all.  WHY DO THEY DO THAT?


12 responses to “New Jitterbug photos

  1. Wonderful photos! Persian cats are so wonderful when they have a little nose (I wish someone would do the same with pugs and breed for a more traditional/old fashioned look).

    Ane & the WriggleButts

  2. Just Beautiful Pics Molly ………….. your kitties always do you so proud 🙂 – I am frightened to log out of anywhere lately, Blogs, Facebook, even having probs with Youtube ? today. I just hope I dont get kicked off my email address’s otherwise i am lost…..Ha !!! Will have to try Bobins WordPress see what I get.

  3. Beautifil!! I looked at them before reading (too anxious) and I did notice that her colors really came out in these photos! She is a live wire 😀

  4. *BeautifUL* …Casper is on my shoulder once again.

  5. Lovely pics, ty Molly…
    I got a Youtube chaser to day as well, Maggie
    Andf you and Molly have goaded me into another posting on my blog – within a fortnight of my previous one… really!

    Ah well JuJuBa has got the art (science) of goading Mom to a really fine art. And Mom is finding it a real struggle to ‘hold the bug down’ for washing, now. Ah well, thats all ‘growing up’ I suppose…
    JuJuBa got wonderful whiskers as well…
    So glad she still fits through the kittyhole… Useful way to bolt from Mom when needed…

  6. Molly I still enjoy your pictures , the latest of Jitter Bug were great too! I love my Persians Ziva and Toni, but I still check your blog to get my Mythicbells fix. How much does Jitter Bug weigh?

    • Jitterbug weighed in at 2.25 lbs this morning. She’s a good sized 10 1/2 week old kitten. The golden females often don’t reach 2 lbs until after 12 weeks…Of course the fact that she’s a singleton has probably given her an edge.

  7. It is an incredible beauty and like his father!

  8. Hey Molly, I’ve only been away a week. I knew I’d have a lot of videos to catch up on but, I see that there there are quite a few blogs as well.
    Anyway, now I’ve brought myself up to speed….. all the kitty photos are beautiful, as always. The cabinet project is just amazing and I am so pleased that you are going to do a 2012 calendar.

    I regularly look at the videos of your cats and think what loyal and loving cats they are, it melts my heart to see such happy and contented pussy cats, keep up the excellent work Molly, they are a credit to you.

    Kind Regards

    Barbara Shapland

  10. Hi Molly –
    I use WordPress to blog. As with a lot of things, bosses want to see changes to justify the expense of a programming department and sometimes new features demand changes too.

    One thing you can do to help is save a shortcut to your dashboard’s URL in your browser as a link, so you can jump there if you need to. On the dashboard, when they do make changes they usually have a writeup on them in the “what’s hot” thing at the bottom, on the News Tab.

    I was just getting help from over Thanksgiving over the new “drag and drop” photo loader, that apparently doesn’t work in some browsers but they never told anyone, even their tech support. They are good about answering questions.

  11. PS – actually the “Site Admin” link in the Meta section on each page takes you to the Dashboard. So you already have a link no matter how they hide it from you.

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