Mythicbells Calendar + Jitterbug action photos

I announced on Facebook yesterday that I managed to pull together another Mythicbells Calendar.  It was a bit “iffy” with all that’s been going on – broke down computers, Jitterbug, and myriad other projects.  However a bit ‘thrown together,’ it didn’t turn out too bad.  Throughout the year, I get messages and comments on various photos along the lines of “OH! Be sure to save this for the calendar.”  Always welcome kudos, but the  reality is only too often that the photo is not of a high enough resolution or is a bit too out of focus for print — you know how those darn kittens are! they never sit still — and I also tend to be a bit picky about the background for out put.  No dirty underware, filthy rags, cleaning bottle, clumps of cat fur — the usual.  SO, I sift through the year’s photos and reluctantly reject some of the really cute ones.  Fortunately there is a lot of ‘cute’ around here.  I also like to divvy up the months evenly so that each kitten and/or each litter gets equal time, then I fill in with the adult kitties.  With five kittens and three parent kitties, it came out even.  Each kitten got two months.  Well, you’ll see what I’m talking about if you decide to get a calendar, or you can just go check it out:  Mythicbells 2012 Calendar.  I will also put a link over on the right and one will be on the Mythicbells website links list under “extras.”

Here’s some Jitterbug photos taken this morning and, sigh, all just a bit out of focus:


5 responses to “Mythicbells Calendar + Jitterbug action photos

  1. You have done well Molly, loved all the videos, all the photos, and of course all your comments, which often make me giggle !!. Good job we have technology these days, otherwise we would not get such wonderful photos daily, would have to wait to have them developed. LOL !!! Good luck with your beautiful calendar. 😀 … Love Maggie.

  2. Yes, Maggie … I remember well the days of (ugh) film… I was notorious for never developing it, or sometimes a year would go by. Now it’s instant gratification.

  3. Getting film developed used to be such a crapshoot between not knowing if a picture came out good, forgetting what was on the film, forgetting to develop it, etc. Digital photography is better for so many reasons!

    The Buglet couldn’t be any cuter! I can’t believe it’s almost time for her to go home already! I’m sure Shannon and her family and bubbling over with excitement! 😀

  4. Many thanks Molly for pandering to us all to such an extent. Im sure we wouldnt notice a little bulrriness or the odd thing in the background… Bobin

  5. Hello Molly, I can not BUY YOUR CALENDAR FOR 2012, as I live thousands of miles from YOU. PLEASE FOR PICTURES OF EACH MONTH AND MANY THANKS! KISS OF ALL!!!Good luck!!!

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