More Jitterbug photos

We have some nice action shots from this morning and a couple of inside photos taken soon after Jujuba’s bath last night.  Her visit to the vet this morning went very well.


8 responses to “More Jitterbug photos

  1. That second shot is just gorgeous! Next time you bath her can you take a picture of her soaking wet, like the one Leilana has posted of Maynard?

  2. I just saw the video you posted of her all wet getting re-bathed by Sequoia…lol! Too cute!

  3. Majestic beauty!!!

  4. She is just a cutie – pie !!!

  5. Dear Molly
    Can you say how the mother cats normally cope with separation from their babes? I know darling Jujuba will be smothered with love and attention in her new home so, hopefully, as all kittens who are ready to flee the nest – she’ll be fine. Having had no experience of mother cats – how do they fare? Sequoia and the delightful Bug appear to have had the most wonderful relationship and KoiKoi is still so attentive to her daughter. Does it make a difference that Jujuba’s a single kitten? Will the next 2 or 3 weeks show Sequoia to be tiring of the job as Jujuba becomes more and more independent, or are you ever concerned about the separation period for mothers? Having said this, our 3 rescue kittens had virtually no mothering and when we first saw them at 6 or 7 weeks old, were as lively and friendly as anything. The survival instinct is wonderful isn’t it, but, knowing how close you are to your cats, I’m sure you must notice any subtle problems and do all you possibly can to avoid distress.
    Thanks so much – Jujuba, Sequoia and the other pussies are a complete joy to watch.
    Wendy (UK)

    • Wendy,

      I’m asked this question a lot. I think we tend to project our human emotions on to our pets a bit too much, though I have heard of cats grieving for a lost companion, etc. So far I have not noticed any problems with the mother kitties’ missing their babies. With cats it’s largely hormonal and as the kittens get older the hormones decrease. I’ve never had a singleton before however, and don’t know if that will make much of a difference. I suspect it can vary from cat to cat. Before Sequoia became a mother, she had a special relationship with Kalahari as her playmate and I suspect, and hope, that she will revert back to romping around with him. I’m sure he will enjoy that as well. Time will tell.

  6. Ah! – hormones of course, ain’t nature wonderful?
    Thanks so much for your prompt reply. Our Jenkins (now 19) did grieve pitifully when his brother was killed on the road when they were both 4. But in that case, as you say, they were companions. Maternal hormones and an independent kitten achieve a natural harmony.

  7. I was wondering, is there anything wrong with little Jitterbug’s eyes? He seems to be cross eyed.

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