In progress photos – cabinet project

Here it is — what there is of it.  The slanted slab (table surface) and the pink upper doors are just laying on the cabinet so I can see what hey look like.  The doors are done and new glass is waiting.  The table flap is almost done — more blue thingies to paint, but getting there.  I just finished the bottom (floor) panel design today.  The top panels are done on one side, but not the other.  I’ve started the design on the sides, but don’t know if I’m going to like it yet or not.  I’ve dreamed up and discarded several designs for the drawers and have no idea yet what will go on them.  I had envisioned something more along the lines of the rocking chair with design painted everywhere, but as I progress, wide expanses of the dark blue are becoming more appealing.  The question is — is that the arthritis in my hands talking? or a smart artistic choice? 😀

Cabinet looking from bottom to top

Bottom panel design

Cabinet from top to bottom

Side view


12 responses to “In progress photos – cabinet project

  1. just want to know when i should pick it up? mid-mornings are generally best for me…

  2. Wish I had your color talent Molly, 🙂

  3. OMG Molly!! It is looking awesome. I’m sure you’d be able to sell painted furniture. You certainly are VERY talented when it comes to design and colors!!! Magnifico!!

  4. Beautiful, Molly! No matter what you end up doing with it, it’s sure going to be a dramatic difference from what it was before.

  5. Magnificent. I shall commission a dozen, I think… Bobin

  6. Just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It’s beautiful. Molly! You are so talented!

  8. Barbara-Ann (lola)

    Hi Molly,
    Sometimes less is more. I like the accent flowers but I also can appreciate the soothing blue expanses. My opinion, but either way beautiful and original! Go with the flow!
    I really hope you are signing all these original artworks???

  9. Oh Molly! It is so beautiful ! I can hardly wait to
    see it all finished and in place once again !!

  10. It is looking really grand Molly, a writing Bureau – one of a kind 😀

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