YIPEEEE! A new update at last….

My old computer died completely just after I managed to transfer the last file to the new computer.  Such timing!  It’s fun having a new one and even more fun having one that doesn’t need to be rebooted ever ten minutes.  I received my new Photoshop software today and installed it.  I know I was being stubborn since all computers now have photo processing software, but it allows me to re-size and process photos en-mass, plus the old computer was so slow that the entire process became a huge undertaking.  Below is the first batch and I have some more in the camera for another post.

Any news to report?  Not much.  Most of you know that Jujuba is doing fabulously and earning a reputation for being painfully cute.  She is an unbelievable joy.  She’s 9 1/2 weeks old.  This week I gave her complete run of the house even at night (except the bedroom).  I hadn’t planned on doing that at all.  I usually keep kittens in the nursery at night right up to adoption day but picture this: the purple French door is closed after tucking Jujuba in for the night and I’m almost ready to go to bed myself, but I hear this little scrabbling noise and look down the hallway to see little Jujuba bouncing on her hind feet and pawing at the glass.  It was just more than I could bear. She’s also eating with the big kids and has had several forays in the enclosure which she loves LOVES.  I do very little monitoring of her in regards to eating, litter box, etc. as she is now just one of the gang.  This is a sign that she’s nearly ready to take on the world and will be able to adjust nicely in her new home.  Adoption day is December 3rd.

Work has progressed, albeit a bit slowly, on the painted cabinet project and I hope to have some more in-progress photos of it soon.  I think it’s going to be kind of pretty.

That’s about it for newsworthiness.  Many of the photos below are a few weeks old.  You can estimate Jujuba’s age in each photo by looking at the file naming convention: YY MM DD.  Note the pretty material covering the cushion in the photoshoot chair in the most recent photos.  It looks a bit blue in the photos but is, in fact, a perfect “Mythicbells Purple.”  Thank you JAFO!!  She surprised me with this a week or so ago.  It’s only wrapped around the cushion at the moment, but I have explicit JAFO instructions on how to make a “real” cushion out of it, though she did give me permission to just wrap it around.  WHEW.


7 responses to “YIPEEEE! A new update at last….

  1. Super cute pictures, Molly! I love the one of Kalahari — he looks so regal!

    • I thought the exact same thing about Kalahari’s picture! I can’t believe it’s almost time for Jujuba to go home. I’m sure Shannon and family are super-excited, but I know I speak for everyone when I say how much we are going to miss her!

  2. Eva Maria Lenkei

    Thank you! Are beautifuls, Jitterbug, Koi Koi, Kalahari, and kitten family Tiny Bear, Gipsy Rose, … and ….. everyone with you! Bugibugi and mom are two sisters, one little and one big.. very similar. I am sorry December 3rd… but i hope Jujuba new family very lowe her…

  3. Love and Beauty!!!

  4. Beautiful !!! We are going to miss JB.

  5. Agree with Maggie and previous comments too.
    Thank you Molly for lovely pics.

  6. Thank you for the update and beautiful pictures Molly. How clever is JAFO, the cushion cover is lovely. I am really going to miss the Buglet when she goes but I’m pleased she will still be with you for a little while longer after I return from my holiday.

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